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Madden 17 Information Center

It isn’t too early to start thinking about Madden 17.  The game may still be months away but the team at EA Sports is already hard at work.  Below, we have compiled every possible piece of information regarding the upcoming Madden NFL 17 game.

Madden 17 First Trailer

Madden 17 First Look Trailer

Madden 17 Pre Order Options

If you pre order Madden NFL 17 and are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive 20% off the prices below.

Madden NFL 17 Standard Edition ($59.99)
Pre-order your copy today and receive a 1 month EA Access Trial as well as bonus content including nine Madden NFL Ranked tickets and up to seven Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs.

Madden NFL 17 Deluxe Edition ($79.99)
Pre-order the Madden NFL 17 Deluxe Edition today and receive a one month EA Access trial as well as additional value including 30 Madden NFL Ranked tickets and up to 10 Madden NFL Ultimate Team All Pro Packs.

Place your Madden 17 pre order here.

Madden 17 Release Date

EA Sports has confirmed that Madden 17 will be released on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016.  EA Access subscribers will get to play early as usual.

Madden 17 Cover Athlete

The Madden 17 cover athlete was announced on Thursday, May 12, on ESPN on the 3 PM PST/6 PM EST edition of SportCenter.  Rob Gronkowski will be on the cover.

madden 17 cover

Madden 17 Features

Madden 17 Offense Improvements

We’ve added a tiered system to the types of special moves different players are able to pull off – depending on their attributes, ratings and speed. So now, expect your bigger bruising backs to be more effective with truck moves and stiff arms, while smaller, shiftier backs have more effective jukes and spins. Now don’t worry if you’re not a magician yet on the sticks.

New Ball Carrier UI Prompts help teach moves available to you, while the new Path Assist helps you navigate and anticipate down field. Additionally on lower skill levels, you can put the work on us and we will pick the appropriate moves for you, unlocking the fun for all of our players.

Madden 17 Defense Improvements

While the new tools on offense make you a better, more creative ball carrier, the New Defensive AI System is built on up to date NFL Strategies – such as Gap Play, Force Defenders and improved Zone Coverages. It’s time to force your opponents to stop being so one dimensional.

New Gap Play AI brings a new level of NFL authenticity and strategy to your defensive teammates. Each of your teammates has a gap assignment on run defense that puts them in position to better defend the run. Force defenders protect the outside of the field, pushing the ball carrier back inside allowing cut back defenders to make the big play. Finally Zone Coverage has been completely overhauled, with the addition of 8 new zone concepts never before seen in Madden.

Defenders have more awareness of threats to each zone and can pattern match receivers, creating defensive counters to stop virtually every passing concept. It’s our most realistic AI to date and it’s across the entire field.

Madden 17 Special Teams Improvements

Special Teams, the 3rd phase of football, is where big games are often won and lost. For the first time years we’re bringing the excitement back to special teams. A New Kick Meter is designed to increase the challenge of the kicking game like we see in today’s NFL.

Additionally, the ability to ice the kicker allows you to turn up the pressure on those late game winning field goal attempts. New trick plays and a new block kick mechanic add new elements to the risk and reward of Special Teams.

New Madden 17 Ground Game

Experience the most balanced gameplay to date on offense making you a better, more creative ball carrier, while new defensive AI puts your teammates into position to stop the run or passing game.

Madden 17 Franchise Mode

Take your team all the way in the deepest Franchise mode to-date, putting you at the center of your team’s Championship run.

Madden 365

If it happens in the NFL, it happens in Madden. Experience fresh content daily for your football fix.

Special Teams Improvements

Special teams finally being addressed with Madden 17. New more difficult kick meter, icing the kicker, trick plays, and block kick mechanic

Madden 17 Resources

Madden NFL 17 Screenshots

The first Madden 17 screenshots can be seen below.

madden 17 todd gurley

madden 17 gronk

madden 17 doug martin

madden 17 cover gronkowski

madden 17 brown

Console Availability

Madden 17 will be available on the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, and PlayStation 3.

Madden 17 Wishlist

Join hundreds of other Madden fans by leaving your comments below on what you’d like to see in Madden 17.  Whether it is the return of an old game mode, cleaning up a specific problem you have with gameplay, or improvements to an existing feature, let the community know what you want to see.

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  1. I’d like to see EA controlled connected franchise online the human controlled ones hold too much fate ove 32 usres time spent

  2. I would love to see it possible that players would not be able to use the same teams! Let’s make it real as possible! CAN’T PLAY WITH SAME TEAMS!! THROWING OFF BACK FOOT FOR 20 YRD GAINS IS A NONO

    1. Cam throws off his backfoot for 20 yards all the time. Also being able to use the same teams is fun.

      1. can anyone tell me how to get my one month of ea access for preordering it

    2. When making your own players I would it to say something about my player in voice in franchise mode,and different every year you play thanks madden

    3. Or maybe when you play as the same team the 2nd team could play with all the secondary players on the team .

      1. that’s a terrible idea CJ. that would be so unfair haha

  3. Theres many features i’d like to see. First off, let’s have different teams of commentators. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms gets annoying. I’d like different commentators every game, like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman or Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth, just something different. For Play Now, please give us teams from different eras. Put the Packers from Super Bowl 1 as a playable team and Joe Montana’s 49ers, The Steel Curtain, the Patriots and Eagles from Super Bowl XXXIX, and the 80’s Bills. Just classic teams would be amazing and fun to use. Also please give every player their proper tattoos. The excuse one of the Madden people made about having to get permission from individual tattoo artist was just a cop out. They can make it happen with a little effort. And finally make single player career mode that really emphasizes the life of an NFL player. Let us be able to create our own player from scratch, not a template face, and give us full customization and bring back the Madden 08 house and give us a true story mode because it gets pretty stagnant without.

    1. No Collinsworth. No! No! No! He is nothing but a fanboy and is the worst since Dan Dierdorf. Also multiple announcers means cost goes up. The game cost more than it is worth.

    2. its not about the tattoos its about getting the peoples permisson to be put in the game they cant just put anyone in there so classic teams will never happen.

      1. no its actually because of tattoo artist sueing

    3. basically, go about making madden the way 2k goes about their franchise, then madden’ll truly be a great game again

    4. I think that is a good idea but I could do without the story mode

      1. I would love to see Gil Brandt as a announcer. It would be awesome if there was an option in franchise mode to watch high lights like 30 second highlight video with someone like Gil announcing.

  4. Make the career more realistic.. Have draft combine that helps or hurts your draft stock

    Also have off and def coordinators

    DRAFT CLASSES is a must!!!!

    1. I think this would be awesome to have!

  5. I wish we chould play through high school at least 3 game and collge and then the pros

  6. How do i become a member to this Madden school..?

  7. More realistic cuts through the holes from the running backs. Bring back a signature running style but make it more authentic. Make the juke moves more authentic. Stop players from being able to drop back 20 yards and throwing the ball perfectly

      1. Yes on the running styles. Also need to improve the open field blocking, and screen blocking… It is terrible

    1. He’s, on the running styles. Also need to improve the open field blocking, and screen blocking… It is terrible

  8. historic teams!! they should include historic and super bowl winning teams as a celebration of the 50th super bowl. so we can play with people like BO jackson, ray lewis, ed reed, charles woodson, ect

  9. There are fantastic ut deals that cost money and none of its cheap. I know we can’t keep our teams but y would I waste money on the game and ut just to re do every year. People who spend the extra money should get big rewards for their losses each year. I can’t spend any more money to just loose it all for the next year.