Thanks Singleback Bunch PA End Around abusers!  EA Sports has taken out the ability to hot route on all auto-motion plays as well as certain screen passes in Madden 16.

Auto motion plays have those blue routes showing that the wide receiver comes in motion before the snap.  It included plays like the dreaded PA End Around money play.


It is great that EA is being so proactive in removing glitches and other things people abuse but it is a little disappointing that they just took away abilities instead of finding a way to make the plays work more realistically.

So along with PA End Around, a lot of those modified screen plays that became popular the last few Madden games won’t work in Madden 16 either.   You know, the ones like these:

However, we do know some plays like Pistol Strong Slot PA Slide will still work well in Madden NFL 16. So as we do every year, we will continue to provide offense tips and defense tips when the game comes out.

Does the overall good of removing glitchy plays like PA End Around outweight the negative of removing realistic features like hot routes?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.