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Madden NFL 15 Gun Bunch HB Slip Screen

In his first tip for Madden School, Protege Saints is going over a really effective tip that turns a regular HB Slip Screen into something that is a nightmare to defend against.

It absolutely destroys most zone defenses and can be done with any team.

Check out the video and setup below.

Madden 15 Gun Bunch HB Slip Screen Money Play

Playbook: Denver Broncos

Formation: Shotgun Bunch

Play: HB Slip Screen


  1. Put all Wide Receivers on the right on drags
  2. Put both the receiver on the left and the Half Back on a streak


  1. Wait until the Receiver farthest on the right hits the middle of the field and hit him

Overview: This is a very simple and easy play to run and you can mix it in with any offense to add a little trickery.

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