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Madden 16: Giants vs. Cowboys and Patriots vs Vikings

The constant stream of Madden 16 footage continues.  YouTube personality QJB recently uploaded a video of Madden NFL 16 showing the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants.

There is a quarter of exciting gameplay and Madden 16 cover athlete Odell Beckham Jr. even does his whip dance.

Madden 16 Gameplay - Odell Beckham Jr. WHIP DANCE! New Passing & Catching Mechanics

The next video shows off Draft Champions (yet again) between teams wearing the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots uniforms.

This gameplay video is one quarter as well.  We are starting to get an idea of how everything will work in Madden 16.

Madden NFL 16 - Draft Champions Exclusive Gameplay! | Patriots vs Vikings

As more Madden 16 videos come out, we will continue to pass them along.  You can view previous gameplay videos here.

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8 years ago

this is great!!

Hitesh Sondhi
Hitesh Sondhi
8 years ago

This is awesome