The screen pass is already pretty effective in Madden 15.  We’ve found a way to make it even better.  The best part of it is that if you do it right, your opponent likely won’t even see the screen pass coming.

This play is most effective against zone defenses like Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, or a zone blitz.  It isn’t nearly as good against man to man defense.

Let’s dive right in.

Playbook: Jacksonville Jaguars

Formation: Gun Trips TE

Play: Jags Y-Screen


  1. Hot route your tight end to a streak
  2. Hot route your running back to an out route and motion him to the left
  3. (Optional) Put your receivers on the left side of the screen on whatever you want


  1. You are always looking to your running back on this play
  2. If he is covered, throw the ball away if you can

Overview: We only want to call this play against zone defenses.  It will not work very well against man defense.  This concept works in a lot of different formations with many different screen passes.  Feel free to mess around with this a little in other formations.

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