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madden 12 nano blitz

Nickel 1-5-5 Nano Blitz

Keeping up with our theme of simple blitzes that get quick pressure in madden 12, the nickel 1-5-5 over storm brave nano blitz gets easy pressure right up the middle.  Keep in mind that this blitz does rush 6 defenders so you have man to man coverage on all receivers.  Mix this play in with other coverage plays in the 1-5-5 to keep your opponent guessing.

Playbook: Multiple D

Formation: Nickel 1-5-5

Play: Over storm brave


  1. Pinch your linebackers (right on the d-pad + down on the d-pad)
  2. Reblitz all your linebackers (right on the d-pad + down on the right joystick)

madden 12 nano

You can see from the intial setup that this play looks like any 1-5-5 play.  There is nothing to indicate that we are bringing heat right up the middle.

madden 12 nano blitz
Our middle linebackers gets into the backfield untouched and has a clear shot at the quarterback.

We get a quick sack for an 8 yard loss before out opponent can even react.

It is important to mix this play in with other plays out of the 1-5-5.  If you try running this play over and over again, your opponent will crush this defense.  The nickel 1-5-5 over storm brave blitz is extremely effective when mixed in with other coverage plays.

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  1. What playbooks have this? It says Multiple D but I’ve looked through 15 and haven’t found the 1-5-5 with over storm brave

    1. just create your own custom playbook so u can put all the plays on the website on ur playbook

      1. how do i go about creating my own play book

    2. NO idiot. Not mulitple D as in different teams. Its a defensive playbook called MULTIPLE D

  2. How do you create your own playbook? The custom playbook feature is confusing to me.

  3. It’s in the Multiple D PLAYBOOK Under Nickle (1-5-5)

  4. When u create your own playbook does it come into play when you go online?

  5. If you add one small adjustment you can get more consistent pressure with this. Crash your Dline (NT) left or right that will clear the way for the blitz right up the gut. If you crash him up middle the outside pass rusher will come free.

  6. Good stuff, this play alone bumped my game up keep it coming.