Keeping up with our theme of simple blitzes that get quick pressure in madden 12, the nickel 1-5-5 over storm brave nano blitz gets easy pressure right up the middle.  Keep in mind that this blitz does rush 6 defenders so you have man to man coverage on all receivers.  Mix this play in with other coverage plays in the 1-5-5 to keep your opponent guessing.

Playbook: Multiple D

Formation: Nickel 1-5-5

Play: Over storm brave


  1. Pinch your linebackers (right on the d-pad + down on the d-pad)
  2. Reblitz all your linebackers (right on the d-pad + down on the right joystick)

madden 12 nano

You can see from the intial setup that this play looks like any 1-5-5 play.  There is nothing to indicate that we are bringing heat right up the middle.

madden 12 nano blitz
Our middle linebackers gets into the backfield untouched and has a clear shot at the quarterback.

We get a quick sack for an 8 yard loss before out opponent can even react.

It is important to mix this play in with other plays out of the 1-5-5.  If you try running this play over and over again, your opponent will crush this defense.  The nickel 1-5-5 over storm brave blitz is extremely effective when mixed in with other coverage plays.

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