I will not be holding anything back in today’s free madden 12 tip.  You will be seeing my very own base defense that if you were to play me in a game you would see me running 30% of the time.  Be forewarned, this defense requires a lot of pre-snap adjustments but if you are decently quick with the sticks it won’t be too hard to pull off.  This defense is designed to confuse your opponent and completely shutdown your opponents #1 and #2 receivers forcing him to look to his 3rd, 4th and 5th receiving targets causing easy interceptions.

Formation: 46 Normal

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Hot route your linebackers to zone (right on the D-pad + Up on the right joystick)
  2. Hot rotue your DE on the right side of the screen to a purple buzz zone
  3. Hot route your OLB on the left side of the screen to a purple buzz zone
  4. (optional) If you are facing a scrambling qb, hot route your DE on the right side of the screen to a qb spy

Addtional Information:  You can hot route your linebackers into any zones you want based on your opponents tendancies.  We just prefer 2 safeties deep, 2 linebackers in the middle and 2 defenders in purple zones.

madden 12 base defense

Why this works:

This play is designed to fool your opponent.  From the looks of the defense it is man to man coverage, but in reality it is only a combo defense.  You will not get beat deep because you have 2 safeties in deep blue zones.  You will have the sidelines covered (recall from yesterday’s free madden tip how effective the purple zones are) and you will have the middle patrolled with 2 linebackers.  Control one of the safties and room the field for user picks.  This defense also has 8 men in the box which discourages your opponent from wanting to run the ball.

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