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New Madden 19 Title Update 1.20 Now Available

A new Madden 19 update was released today across all three consoles. PS4, XBox and PC players will all benefit from today’s update and game patch. The new Madden 19 title update 1.20 is now available for download across all platforms.

This update comes fresh off the latest Madden NFL 19 Update 1.19, which was just released last week as the month of February’s major title update. After receiving some community feedback, the Madden 19 development team acted quick in addressing some of the reported issues.

However, this latest update did not fix the issue of players falling forward, allowing them to gain at least 3 and sometimes 4 extra yards when being tackled to the ground. This is by far the most talked about and reported issue that players are experiencing since the last title update a few days ago. Madden 19 Update 1.20 seems to have only addressed very minor issues and bug fixes such as crashes and glitches, but again, it didn’t fix players falling forward – the biggest glitch in the game right now.

One of the more popular update features of the Madden season is the return of injured players to the game. Injured players are now made available in various game modes in Madden 19, but they’ll definitely make a difference for players who enjoy those modes. All players who are on the real-world Injured Reserve List can now be subbed into the game in your depth charts. This is only available for the Play Now and Online H2H game modes.

Another large update that players should recognize immediately relates to the “Player Speed Parity Scale,” and this patch will increase the difference between faster players and slower players – creating parity between those players. This patch was in an effort to fix issues with much slower players being able to chase down and catch much faster players in the open field. For example, this issue was really noticeable during breakaway plays like deep passes or during interceptions where it seems certain your defender is going to score and instead gets caught from behind by the left tackle

The full details of the update can be found on the EA Sports Madden NFL 19 official website, but here are some of the highlights of today’s update.

Madden 19 Update 1.20 Game Mode Fixes


  • CPU teams will now draft players using improved logic that puts a greater emphasis on team needs
  • Re-implemented functionality to allow injuries in Franchise leagues using Competitive Game Style

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Ability for Madden Development team to toggle Previous Play for all MUT modes without a Title Update

Change Log

  • General stability improvements

Franchise Updates

  • Improved CPU drafting logic so teams will draft better players for their team
  • Added functionality to allow injuries in Franchise leagues using the Competitive Game Style setting
  • Added hint to Instant Replay menu so you can adjust Depth of Field (DoF)
  • Fixed filter in the Regression menu so you can view CPU teams
  • Added more variety to news stories for the Draft, Pro Bowl, Coach Contracts, End of Season, and Awards

Madden 19 Update 1.20 In Game Fixes


  • Tuning to prevent the WR icon from disappearing sometimes on HB Screen plays when the HB would run into a blocking interaction while running his route
  • Tuning to increase the frequency of broken tackles when attempting to strip the ball from behind the ball carrier

Real Player Motion

  • New default setting added for the Player Speed Parity Scale
  • Fixed an issue preventing the QB from finishing the handoff on some Singleback Bunch Ace End Around plays
  • Fixed issues with gang tackles that would result in rare cases of the ball carrier not being ruled down or not being given the proper spot for forward progress
  • Fixed a rare issue causing receivers to get stuck running up the field following a specific diving catch
  • Fixed an issue causing the kick returner to sometimes have a small hitch right after catching a kickoff
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing ball carriers to fall down inappropriately after a broken tackle


  • Fixed an issue to allow the Sub Linebacker player to be subbed into the Nickel 3-3-5 Formation
  • Added some clock time to the available time left when using “Chew Clock” or “Accelerated Clock” to give auto-motion players enough time to get set before a delay of game penalty will be triggered
  • Fixed an issue allowing users to grieve other users online by repeatedly going offsides

Pass Coverage

  • Added zone coverage logic for Linebackers in a Quarter Flat zone to properly cover route combos that include a vertical and a running back to the flat


  • Fixed an issue causing a failed catch animation to be ruled as a Touchdown incorrectly after the ball had been knocked out of the receiver’s hands in the end zone
  • Added functionality for receivers who are not user-controlled to trigger sideline catches without having to hold the Possession Catch mechanic
  • Fixed an issue causing the HB to fumble the pitch on I Form Tight HB Pass


  • Added animation coverage for blockers disengaging from double teams to move to the second level of the defense
  • Updated run-block targeting logic to account for some defensive looks using Nickel, Dime, and Dollar alignments to effectively defend inside running plays
  • Fixed an issue causing the Fullback to sometimes run into the QB on Weak I Pro HB Dive
  • Added blocking animation coverage for pull blockers pulling to the outside of the formation

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Added server functionality that allows the Madden Development team the ability to toggle on/off the Previous Play feature for all MUT modes, without deploying a Title Update.
  • Increased leader board and online tournament integrity to give us more control of our online competitive environment
  • Modes that Previous Play will be disabled in:
  • MUT Draft Ranked, Salary Cap Play-A-Friend, Salary Cap Ranked
  • Added the ability to search the auction house for specific items from the player upgrades screen
  • General stability improvements

What are your thoughts on the latest Madden 19 title update 1.20? Are you upset to see the issue with players falling forward was not fixed today? What are some of the issues you feel need addressed in the next Madden 19 title update? Feel free to comment below and get the conversation started.

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Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson
5 years ago

Update the roster since free agency signings would be nice

Tyler elliott
Tyler elliott
5 years ago
Reply to  Tyler Wilson

Update free agency signing to rosters

Charles Eugene Wilson
Charles Eugene Wilson
5 years ago
Reply to  Tyler Wilson

Man yep that’s what I was looking for

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