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Madden 19 update 1.19 patch notes announced

Madden 19 Update 1.19 Patch Notes Announced

The Madden 19 development team posted to the community forum the patch notes and details surrounding the latest Madden 19 update 1.19. Players are certainly anxious for this patch and gameplay update, 1.19 to take effect as it aims to address some pretty serious complaints and issues.

The update will reportedly fix several bugs related to actual in-game issues, such as tuning and AI logic, but many players are looking forward to a patch that will address de-syncs, some of which have occurred during high stakes, competitive online gameplay. The February update and gameplay patch will attempt to address and fix many of the most common issues and complaints from around the Madden 19 community.

The latest update addresses the issue of “desyncs” that have been reported across consoles and throughout the Madden community. Some of the more highly competitive online matches are being negatively effected, and decided by desyncs, which has left those players incredibly frustrated with their gameplay experience.

According to the team at EA Sports, “online de-syncs are occurring at a very low rate when looking across all online play.” Meaning, the reported de-sync occurrences are not as common as many believe.

More improvements to actual in game issues and bugs are being patched with this latest update, and will fix tuning issues across all three phases of gameplay: Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Improvements to Cover 4 logic against certain route combinations, tuning updates regarding the likelihood of a runner fumbling the ball after receiving a hit stick from behind and even a bug effecting skills trainer gameplay will all be addressed in the latest Madden 19 Update 1.19.

Here is a full list of patch notes released on the community forum by Madden 19’s development team:

General Stability Improvements:

  • Additional logging to track online de-syncs: meaning EA will monitor the desync issue a bit closer.

**DEVELOPER’S NOTE: While our internal tracking shows that online de-syncs are occurring at a very low rate when looking across all online play, we realize that any de-syncs impacting higher level online competitions have a big impact on play-experience. We’re continuing to work to drive down the rate, especially focusing on competitive formats and this tracking will help us identify the causes.

In-Game Fixes and Tuning Updates:

  • Fumble risk added to ball carriers when using the spin move when hit in the back with a successful hit-stick tackle
  • Addressed an exploit allowing users to avoid the Aggressive Pass Rush coach adjustment penalty by repeatedly shifting the defensive line back & forth in pre-play; defenders can now jump offsides while shifting
  • Additional context added to match-up formula for catches in traffic; logic added for taking into account additional defenders who are within the proximity to either the receiver or the catch point.

**DEVELOPER’S NOTE: This change will reduce the effectiveness of Aggressive Catches in traffic by respecting the impact of nearby defenders relative to both the receiver and the catch point.


  • Decreased the facing angle threshold for the strafe animation added in a previous update to fix a manual Spy blitz exploit

**DEVELOPER’S NOTE: This change will make it less likely that a user will get into a strafe state when trying to cover a pass or pursue a ball carrier, but will still force the defender to strafe if trying to blitz the QB from a Spy or Zone coverage assignment. 

Special Teams

  • Fixed an issue preventing touchdowns from always being awarded on fake punts and fake field goals when the snap receiver was the one who scored the touchdown

**DEVELOPER’S NOTE: This fix also fixes issues PS4 players have encountered in Skills Trainer regarding touchdowns not always being awarded correctly.


  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in a player not being ruled down correctly when going to the ground after a catch in traffic.

**DEVELOPER’S NOTE: While this will fix the most common occurrences of the bug, we have identified one edge case that is still possible to hit, but far more rare. We are continuing to work on a fix for that edge case and will have that resolved very soon as well.

Pass Coverage

  • Made additional improvements to Cover 4 Quarters Trips logic in order to better defend certain pass route combinations.
  • Addressed a press animation issue with the Curl Flat defender in Cover 3 which would occasionally lead to that defender not properly carrying out his pass coverage assignment

As you can clearly see, the developers at EA Sports and Madden 19 attached a note to nearly every intended fix and tuning update. This can be a good sign or a bad one as they may be covering themselves ahead of time in case the latest update fails to improve gameplay and the overall Madden experience.

However, Madden 19 players have to be happy about the potential that these fixes and gameplay patches have when it comes to improving the game, especially competitive online players who regularly play in high profile matches. The latest fixes and tuning improvements are expected to take effect when title update 1.19 downloads and installs on the various gaming consoles later in the week.

Madden 19’s update 1.19 should be noticeable right away. As outlined by the development team’s announcement, the tuning fixes will impact the success of certain plays, situations, game modes and the overall in-game experience. The ability to haul in Aggressive Catches over the middle will decline for those of you who like throwing over the middle into a group of defenders. Hopefully, this particular tuning update will help create a more competitive gaming experience for users just as the new defensive logic and AI fixes to cover 3 and cover 4 defensive plays should as well.

The likelihood of successfully catching passes in heavy traffic will now significantly decrease as receivers attempting to go across the middle against multiple defenders in the area will be in danger of not only dropping these passes, but possibly causing an interception, which will more closely resemble real outcomes on these types of plays.

When coupled with a decreased ability for user controlled defenders to effectively abandon their zone and spy coverage assignments to blitz the quarterback, the update’s goal is to clearly create a more competitive and fair gaming experience. Clearly, this won’t be the last update of the season and, historically, we can expect to receive at least a couple of updates and patches before next year’s title is released and the hype begins. We want to hear from you, our loyal Madden School audience and valued members.

Which areas of gameplay do you want to see addressed with future updates, patches and various tuning fixes? Have you experienced one of these dreaded de-syncs that are being reported from around the community? Are you excited to see what types of effects this update has on your Madden gaming experience? 

As always, we invite you to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts, analysis and general opinions with the Madden School community by posting in the comments section below.

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