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What We Already Have in the Madden School 365 Section


So far we’ve already uploaded some awesome Madden 25 tips to our Madden School 365 section.  It is worth noting what we already have in our premium section and we are only 1 month in! A sample of some of our Madden 25 content for 365 members is listed below.

  • Jaguars Offensive Playbook Money Plays
  • Full House Normal Breakdown
  • Singleback Snugs Flip Breakdown
  • IForm Tight Breakdown
  • Pistol Trips Breakdown
  • Safety Blitzes
  • Cornerback Blitzes
  • Max Coverage Defenses
  • How To Beat a Cover 3
  • How To Beat a Cover 4
  • How To Beat Man to Man Defense
  • How To Convert Every 4th and Short
  • Great Running Play Out of Shotgun
  • Short Yardage Passing Plays
  • Gun Flip Trips Money Plays
  • Enhanced Screen Passes
  • 4-4 Nano Blitzes
  • How to Cause The Defense to Line Up Incorrectly
  • Double Unbumpable Routes

We are only a month in and have so much more still to go over.  Today we are starting our 3-4 Over Ed breakdown to add in some more defense into the 365 section.  When you purchase Madden School 365 today, you will receive all of the older content listed above as well as 365 days of new content.  We are continuing our 40% off sale on Madden School 365 bringing the price down from $49.99 to just $29.99.

Become a 365 member and get instant access to all previous content as well as 365 days of new content at the button below!


P.S. We still offer our iron clad 7 day money back guarantee on Madden School 365.

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