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Madden 21 Ultimate Team Coin Quicksell Values

When you quicksell the majority of cards in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, you get training points in return but there are special cards in the game where you can instead quicksell them for coins.

Cards that you can quicksell for coins generally look like this.

Notice the gold that the player is highlighted with on the bottom. That means you can quicksell him for coins.

The amount of coins you can quicksell each player for is based on their overall rating. You can check out the values for those below.

  • 80 Overall – 18,000 Coins
  • 81 Overall – 26,000 Coins
  • 82 Overall – 38,000 Coins
  • 83 Overall – 55,000 Coins
  • 84 Overall – 80,000 Coins
  • 85 Overall – 110,000 Coins
  • 86 Overall – 160,000 Coins
  • 87 Overall – 230,000 Coins
  • 88 Overall – 330,000 Coins

At each level reward pack you get, you have the chance to choose one of these coin quicksell players. You should always choose the coin quicksell guy instead of any of the other options.

If you want to see training values for the different overall players you can check those out here.

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