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Madden 21 Man Coverage Bubble Screen

Destroy Man Coverage In Madden 21 With Our Bubble Screen Concept

In Madden 21 most competitive players are running man to man defense, especially Cover 1. In today’s video we are going to go over a creative way to get your opponent out of any man to man defense.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Destroy Man To Man Defense In Madden 21 With Bubble Screens

Playbooks: Jets, Texans, Bills

Formation: Gun Empty Y Slot

Play: Bubble Screen


  1. Motion your X/square receiver to the right


  1. You can throw to either bubble screen depending on the side your opponent is usering. Just throw to the opposite side.

Overview: This play can force your opponent out of man to man defense. Don’t overuse it though because if your opponent knows it is comingand puts hard flats on the field, you can throw an incompletion of interception.

You will want to have your fastest wide receiver in the Y/triangle spot and a good fast running back in the other bubble screen spot. It is also important that you RAC catch (X/square) so you can quickly turn the ball up field after the catch.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is how the pre-play final setup should look.

You can see both cornerbacks on the left side of the field are take themselves out of the play.

We can also check the right side of the field where our running back is open on his bubble screen as well.

We decide to throw it to the wide receiver. Even though it wasn’t a great throw, our receiver still has plenty of open space ahead of him. Make sure to RAC catch it by pressing X/square when you make the catch.

Madden 21 Man Coverage Bubble Screen

We get about 20 yards before we are finally tackled.

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