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Madden 19 NYG Defensive eBook Members Area

Thank you for purchasing the Madden 19 NYG Defensive eBook for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  The eBook will be viewable directly on our website. This eBook is based out of the New York Giants defensive playbook but many of the plays can be found in other playbooks as well.

Keep in mind this ebook is not supposed to act as an official strategy guide.  It is just a collection of tips from our team of professional madden gamers organized in a way that is easy to understand.

NOTE: It is important that you turn off defensive auto-flip otherwise some of the plays will not work.

Dive Right Into The Madden 19 NYG Defensive eBook

Or pick and choose the formations you are interested in seeing.

Formation #1: 3-4 Bear*

Formation #2: 3-4 Even*

Formation #3: 3-4 Odd

Formation #4: Nickel 3-3-5*

Formation #5: Big Dime 2-3-6

Formation #6: More Defenses

Formation #7: Gameplay Videos

* = Recommended Formations

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  1. Awesome! What are your guys’ favorite formations to run?

    1. I’d recommend 3-4 Bear, 3-4 Even, and Nickel 2-4-5 DBL A Gap

  2. Hey boys. I have people running Cover 2 invert a lot. What’s the best way to beat it?

  3. Are you guys going to be doing a custom playbook like last year?

    1. Yes we will be working on that over the next few days

  4. Pa slide Patriots playbook. There are 3 money routes on that play, one if them will be open.

  5. @madden -school ,whts the best way to user this madden,?its diffrent than last maddens.A little video on it would be settings are all off except ballhawk,.Sometimes my user wont react when pressing square ,not the same as previous maddens,Thx in advance

    1. Usering is the hardest thing to teach. It basically just comes down to you recognizing what your opponent is doing quickly

  6. Can you guys make a ebook for the saints offense

  7. Will be be getting updated ebook since the patch that stops alot of blitz?

    1. Which formation or blitz is no longer working for you?

      1. The midblitz in nickel 245 and the Tampa 2 in 335

  8. : Hey boys since the update I am struggling against the run. Can you suggest a formation that are in these e books to stop the run? Thanks

    1. We’ll look into some run defense for our next defensive ebook. The latest patch changed it up a little

  9. do you guys plan to update the defensive guides, the patch killed the heat, nothing seems to work

    1. Yes we constantly update our ebooks and release new ones periodically