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Madden 18 week 5 player ratings update winners and losers

Madden 18 Week 5 Player Ratings Update Winners And Losers

Madden 18 released their week 5 roster update, and as always the pros at Madden School have all the latest player ratings news and analysis. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed on all the latest Madden 18 news, notes, and updates throughout the season. Here are the Madden 18 week 5 player ratings update winners and losers.


Jabaal Sheard LOLB Indianapolis Colts

Up 3 points from 80 to 83 overall. 

Jabaal Sheard’s signing with Indianapolis in the off season put him on our list of defensive impact players who changed teams, and this is an example of why he made our list. Sheard makes our list of winners after his outstanding 3 sack game last week on Sunday Night Football–even if it was against the Seahawks terrible O-line.

Regardless, Sheard’s AWR is up by 5 points while his PMV and FMV ratings are both up by 4 points. This is great news for those of you who like to play with Indianapolis. Now if they can only get their own O-line ratings to go up, the Colts have a chance to become a surprise team in the second half of the Madden 18 season. 

Jason Peters LT Philadelphia Eagles

Up 4 points from 83 to 87 overall.

Peters’ teammate, C Jason Kelce, was one of last week’s ratings winners as the Eagles have been on fire running the ball these past couple of weeks. Honestly, any of the Philadelphia O-lineman are worthy of making our winners list, but this week it’s Jason Peters’ turn. Peters’ RBK rose by an astounding 9 points while his PBK went up by 4 points. This is much needed boost, though, for one of Madden’s top Left Tackles over the past few years. The jump in overall rating puts Peters back to his launch rating. 

Miles Killebrew SS Detroit Lions

Up 5 points from 76 to 81 overall. 

Killebrew is a natural at the SS position as a rookie. Killebrew’s PRC and AWR both went up by 6 points while his MCV and ZCV both went up by 4. There were definitely other Lion defenders worthy of making our week 5 ratings update winners list, but Killebrew ultimately wins out. After all, he’s a rookie SS who has taken control of the starting position while seeing a steady rise in his overall rating the past few weeks. Killebrew is at an 81 overall whereas he was rated a measly 67 overall at launch–a little more than 4 weeks ago. 

Jamize Olawale FB Oakland Raiders

Up 9 points from 71 to 80 overall

The pros at Madden School have to mention Olawale’s incredible 9 point leap from a 71 to an 80 overall. The big man’s IBL went up by an amazing 14 points while his RBK rose 9 points. This is fairly surprising, but if you like playing with Oakland, it’s music to your ears. The boost in his blocking ratings are most shocking since it’s not like Oakland had a big day running the ball with Olawale leading the way in the FB spot last week. Regardless, Olawale deserves a mention. 


Kyle Williams DT Buffalo Bills

Down 5 points from 87 to 82 overall. 

Williams is getting up in age for a DT, and his Madden 18 rating is dropping quickly. Williams used to be one of the game’s best DT’s, but he’s seen a decline in recent weeks. This week, Williams suffered a big 6 point drop in BSH to go with a 4 point drop in AWR. The combination of these two ratings drops kills Williams’ overall rating, and it’s bad news for you if you like to play with Buffalo. 

Joey Bosa DE San Diego Chargers

Down 5 points from 87 to 82 overall.

One of our second year defensive players to watch, Joey Bosa has not lived up to expectations this season–neither has the rest of his team. 5 points is a huge drop in a player’s overall rating, and this is not good for those of you who like to play with the Chargers. Bosa’s BSH went down by 6 big points while both his FMV and PMV dropped by 4 points. That’s a significant drop in perhaps the three most important categories for a pass rushing DE. 

Malcolm Jenkins SS Philadelphia Eagles

Down 5 points from 83 to 78 overall.

Jenkins was one of the bright spots in an otherwise mediocre secondary to start the Madden season. The veteran SS was one of the few playmakers you could count on if you liked to use the Eagles in Madden 18, but after this week’s update you might have to make consider making some depth chart changes. Jenkins’ MCV and ZCV both went down by 5 points. That hurts, Eagles fans. Meanwhile, Jenkins’ PRC and PUR ratings also suffered as both dropped off by 4 points. 

Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburgh Steelers

Down 2 points from 89 to 87 overall.

This might not seem not like a large enough drop-off to warrant a spot on our losers list, but a 2 point drop in a QB’s overall rating is huge. Most notably, Roethlisberger sees a 2 point fall off in his AWR, 1 point in SAC, 2 in MAC, and 1 in DAC. These are the most crucial ratings for a QB, and especially for one who leads a top Madden 18 offense. Hopefully, Roethlisberger will be able to bounce back with some good games and bring this number back close to where it was at launch which was a 91 overall. 


If you like playing online H2H games with the Eagles, then this was a great week for your squad, specifically for the O-line and running game. It’s likely you wanted to see Houston Texans rookie QB Deshaun Watson’s rating go up a little more than what it did, but he unfortunately didn’t see much gain in his rating. Joey Bosa’s drop in overall rating is particularly upsetting given the LA Chargers have so much young talent on that defense.  

We saw some drastic changes to player ratings in last week’s roster update, and week 5 certainly followed suit. What surprised you about the week 5 player ratings update? Who are your Madden 18 week 5 player ratings update winners and losers? Share your thoughts with the Madden School community in the comments section below.

And be sure to check back next week for all the latest ratings news and analysis from the Madden School team.    

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