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Madden 18 Week 4 Player Ratings Update Winners and Losers

EA released the new roster update for week 4, and that means we get our newest player ratings. One of the best parts of the Madden season is watching the player ratings go up and down, and the pros at Madden School study the ratings as close as anyone. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed, so we’re covering player ratings through the Madden 18 NFL season. Here’s our Madden 18 week 4 player ratings update winners and losers.   


Jason Kelce C Philadelphia Eagles

Up 5 from 76 to 81

It was a great week for Philly’s Offensive Line. 4 out of 5 starters across the Eagles’ O-Line saw their overall ratings go up. Pretty impressive if you like playing with the Eagles. As for Kelce, he rose a whopping 5 points overall making him a big winner in this week’s player ratings update. He needed the boost, too. Kelce had been off to a rough start, and his overall rating was way down. Hopefully he can sustain this rating.   

Todd Davis MLB Denver Broncos

Up 4 from 78 to 82

Jumping up 4 points this week is MLB Todd Davis who played a  big part in shutting down the Buffalo Bills running attack and Lesean McCoy. Davis goes up from a 78 to an 82 which is a big leap. Anytime a player jumps from the 70’s to the 80’s, it’s a nice boost. In particular, Davis got a TAK boost up to an 88, and his BSH rose to an 86. Davis is a big winner in the week 4 Madden player ratings update.

Mercedes Lewis TE Jacksonville Jaguars

Up 5 from 77 to 82

This comes as no surprise given Lewis’s big game against Baltimore this past Sunday. Lewis scored on more than one occasion, and he’s rewarded with an incredible five point boost in his overall rating. On a side note, Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, who threw those TD’s’ to Lewis, went up by two points overall. Lewis sees a big jump in his RBK as it went up by 12 huge points. That’s an incredible leap for one rating, but more importantly, Lewis’s RTE rating rose by 7 points. Clearly, Lewis is a big time winner in the week 4 Madden 18 player ratings update.  

Garett Boles LT Denver Broncos

Up 6 from 74 to 80

The rookie LT for the Denver Broncos jumped an enormous 6 points to go from a 74 to an 80 overall. The biggest improvement for LT Garrett Boles is his PBK rating as it jumped up an amazing 7 points from a 75 to an 82. Boles also saw a big leap in his RBK rating as it’s up by 5 points from a 79 to an 84. Very important rating hikes for the rookie LT. Great news if you’re thinking about starting a CFM with Denver’s current roster.

Demarcus Lawrence LE Dallas Cowboys

Up 3 from 82 to 85

Demarcus Lawrence’s overall rating jumped up 3 points this week after his big game against the Cardinals on Monday night. Lawrence, who leads the league in sacks, might deserve a higher overall rating than an 85, but that number should continue to climb as he looks like one of the best young pass rushers in Madden 18. Lawrence’s FMV went up a whopping 6 points from a 72 to a 78, and he also sees a 2 point hike in both his PMV and BSH plus a 3 point rise in his STR rating. Lawrence is a big winner in the week 4 Madden 18 ratings update.


Kelechi Osemele LG Oakland Raiders

Down 4 from 91 to 87

This is pretty drop for Osemele who goes from a low 90’s to a mid 80’s overall rating. Honestly, the entire Raider O-line could populate the list of ratings losers for week 4. If you saw their game on Sunday night, then you know why, too. The LG sees a huge drop in his PBK rating as it goes down by an amazing 5 points to a 79. Osemele’s RBK also dropped a terrible 5 points leaving a little weakness across that Raider O-line.

Jimmy Graham TE Seattle Seahawks

Down 3 from 88 to 85

The Seattle TE is still a beast, but this 3 point drop does hurt his value quite a bit. The biggest hit that Graham takes this week is in his RBK rating which plummeted by 12 huge points. If you like rolling with Seattle, then you might want to consider using Graham in more of a WR role, or at least sub him out in running formations at times due to his lousy RBK rating. Oddly enough, Graham’s CTH rose by a point this week.

Malcolm Butler CB New England Patriots

Down 3 from 90 to 87.

Malcolm Butler sees an overall ratings drop of 3 points this week, and that’s probably due to his defense’s poor performance this past Sunday against a rookie QB. Butler takes a 3 point loss in his MCV and ZCV ratings. That’s pretty significant given those the two most important categories for a Madden CB. He also got hit with a 2 point loss in the PRC rating. All fairly significant drop offs for the number one CB on a widely used Madden 18 team.

Jatavis Brown ROLB Los Angeles Chargers

Down 3 from 83 to 80

Jatavis Brown is one of our Second Year Defensive Players To Watch For In Madden 18, and although he was off to a pretty good start, he sees a ratings drop this week. Brown falls off by 3 points this week, but his BSH takes the biggest hit going down by 5 points. Brown also sees a 4 point fall off in his FMV rating. These two categories alone are enough to drop a ROLB’s overall rating. Brown is definitely one of the week 4 Madden 18 player ratings update losers.

That just about does it for our big winners and losers from the week 4 Madden 18 player ratings update. There are definitely others who saw a big fall off, or huge rise in their overall Madden rating. Who are some of your biggest winners and losers from this week’s ratings update? Join the conversation below in the comments section.

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