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Madden 18 week 16 player ratings winners and losers

Madden 18 Week 16 Player Ratings Update: Winners And Losers

Madden 18’s newest roster is available to download, and as always, the pros at Madden School have you  covered with all the latest news and notes surrounding the Madden 18 player ratings. Here are our winners and losers from the Madden 18 week 16 player ratings update.

This week’s Madden 18 roster update contains some ratings boosts that are long overdue. Key players who saw jumps in their overall ratings include a couple of young signal callers in QB’s Jimmy Garoppolo and Blake Bortles. It was also a big week for running backs in Madden 18 as Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram, and Todd Gurley all went up by at least one point.

All four players are now rated 86 or higher with Todd Gurley’s 89 overall being the highest. It’s a great time for young running backs.


HB Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers

Up 2 points to an 88 overall

Gordon has put together a few nice games in a row, and he’s being rewarded by the Madden 18 ratings department. Gordon’s overall rating went up by two points, but perhaps most importantly, his AWR rose by 3 while his BCV went up by 2. The Chargers defense combined with Melvin Gordon’s ability to control the running attack means you’re likely to encounter the Chargers at some point during your Madden 18 online play.

QB Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Up 2 points to an 81 overall

Bortles has been on absolute fire as of late, and his Madden 18 overall rating finally went up this week. The Jags QB went up by two big points this week, and he’s the reason why you are sure to see more of the Jags in online ranked play. With Bortles’ rating creeping above 80 overall, the Jags become a highly dangerous team in Madden 18.

HB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

Up 2 points to an 86 overall

The Chiefs standout rookie has seen his overall Madden 18 rating level off over the course of the season, but Kareem Hunt’s rating going up by two points comes at a great time. The Chiefs have become a forgotten about team it seems, and Hunt’s increase might spark the team’s popularity in online competitive matches. Watch for players to come at you with the Chiefs this week.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49er’s

Up 2 points to an 80 overall

When you compare Garoppolo’s overall rating to that of some other players at the position, you’re likely to come away thinking he’s being snubbed in his Madden rating. Regardless, Garoppolo has made the 49er’s a viable Madden 18 team, and with two weeks to go, his overall rating has the potential to make Frisco a dark horse team heading into the off-season.

HB Tion Green, Detroit Lions

Up 5 points to a 70 overall

The rookie back for the Detroit Lions has received some playing time recently, and his Madden 18 rating is up as a result. Green’s AWR went up by 6 while his AGI went up by 4. Two very important categories when determining a player’s Madden rating. If Green can put together a couple solid performances to close out the Lions season, then look for his overall rating to continue to go up.


HB Lamar Miller, Houston Texans

Down 2 points to an 84 overall

The Texans defense is porous at best, and the team’s large deficits early in games has resulted in Lamar Miller not the touches he’s used to getting. Miller falls off by two big points this week, making the Houston Texans even less desirable to use when playing competitive Madden matches.

HB Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions

Down 3 points to a 78 overall

Abdullah’s overall rating went down by three big points this week mostly due to his being injured over the last few weeks. The Lions HB simply hasn’t played much over the last four weeks as he’s only got 7 carries in that time. It caught up to him as he lost seven huge points off of his BCV and three from his AWR and four from his ELU.

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, New York Jets

Down 3 points to an 80 overall

Seferian-Jenkins has spent time on the winners side of Madden School’s list before losing three points from his overall rating and finding his way to the losers end. The Jets starting QB situation has really had an impact on Seferian-Jenkins’ overall rating as he’s simply not getting the targets he was earlier in the season. Expect his rating to fall a little more if he can’t find a way to haul in some passes over the last two weeks of the season.

QB Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Down 1 point to an 84 overall

It might only be one point, but it’s a big one for QB Philip Rivers’ overall rating. The Chargers have been one of the hottest teams in the league, and their Madden 18 popularity has recently skyrocketed. We don’t expect this small setback in Rivers’ overall rating to effect their usability in online competitive matches, but it just doesn’t help. At an 84 overall, it seems like Rivers’ rating isn’t necessarily reflective of his play this season. Regardless, the Chargers are still one of the most dangerous teams to watch for in Madden 18.

WR Dontrelle Inman, Chicago Bears

Down 3 points to a 74 overall

Inman was essentially the only decent receiver on the Bears, but his three point drop off makes that offense even more one dimensional and reliant on the running attack than it already was. The WR position has just been riddled with injuries this season, and that’s nearly rendered the Bears useless in online competitive matches. Although they’re a decent young offense to build around in CFM, any of you who like using the Bears in competitive play will have to wait for the off-season before considering them.


That just about does it for our Madden 18 week 16 player ratings winners and losers. Who were some of your biggest winners from week 16’s update? Who are your big losers? As always, join the conversation in the comments section below.

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