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Madden 18 week 15 roster update

Madden 18 Week 15 Roster Update Winners And Losers

EA Sports released the latest Madden 18 week 15 roster update. This week’s download includes some changes to a few big name players’ overall ratings, and to the QB’s especially. As always, the pros at Madden School have all the news, highlights, and breakdowns from the world of Madden NFL 18.

Updates always include a few winners and losers. Some players see their ratings rise while others witness their numbers plummet. This week was no different as two big name QB’s make our winners list while another popular signal caller found our losers list.


QB Ben Roethlisberger, up 2 points, 88 overall

QB Philip Rivers up 1 point, 84 overall

RB Kenyan Drake, up 3 points, 78 overall

LOLB Jadeveon Clowney, up 2 points, 88 overall


CB Jason McCourty, down 4 points, 85 overall

ROLB Aldon Smith, down 3 points, 82 overall

RB Brandon Oliver, down 3 points, 76 overall

QB Derek Carr, down 2 points, 83 overall


As you can see, it wasn’t the best week for the Oakland Raiders who contributed two of the five players on our losers list. QB Derek Carr has had a couple of rough outings over the last few weeks, and that has resulted in his overall rating to fall by two points. The other Raider to make our list is ROLB Aldon Smith who hasn’t really played too much during his time with the Raiders. Beyond that, the drop in CB Jason McCourty’s overall is somewhat surprising given that it was a four point fall off. However, McCourty’s Browns team is still win-less this season, and his defensive performance during the Packers huge comeback victory left a lot to be desired.

As for the winners, QB Philip Rivers should have been rewarded with a two point leap in his overall rating, same as Roethlisberger. Speaking of Big Ben, he’s been on absolute fire lately, and the big comeback last week was huge for his Madden 18 rating. It’s great news for Houston fans moving forward as OLB Clowney’s overall rating came up by 2 points. The young pass rusher has been playing great as of late, and he’s having a big impact for his Madden 18 rating.

Who were some of your winners and losers from this week’s roster update? Clearly, Eagles fans have a lot of reason to worry, and any Madden players who use them in online competitive mode have to start considering a different team. As always, feel free to start the conversation in the comments section below.


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