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Madden 18: Pistol Wing – Strong Power

In this Madden 18 running tip, we are going over an easy play that can get you big chunks of yards at a time even against popular run defenses.

Check out out below.

Madden 18 Money Running Play: Pistol Wing - Strong Power

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: Pistol Wing

Play: Strong Power


1.      None Required

Overview: The blocking on this run play is superb in Madden 18. It gives a great chance of getting to the outside and turning the corner. You are looking to follow your blockers until there is space to the outside then hit it with a fast running back and it has a chance for a touchdown.

This is how the play will look right before you snap the ball.

You can see that we have good blocking out in front of us.

We cut the ball back upfield and end up with about a 10 yard gain.

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