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Madden 18 Custom Playbooks From Madden School

One of the most requested features we receive every year to make a custom playbook with every play from our Madden 18 ebooks.  After a few weeks of work, we have them ready for download on the XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

We have custom playbooks available for both offense and defense.  The custom playbooks feature plays from our ebooks.  They have every play from every Madden 18 ebook and we even set up our recommended audibles for each formation.

The video below goes over how to find and download the Madden School Custom Playbooks for Madden 18.  If you are on XBOX One or PlayStation 4 search for, “MSOFF” and “MSDEF”

Madden School Custom Playbooks For Madden 18

Anyone can download these custom playbooks but only our Madden School Unlimited members will know the setups, reads, adjustments, etc.

Feel free to add in your own plays to further personalize our custom playbook to your style.  If you are an Unlimited member and have any questions on how to download or use the Madden School custom playbooks, feel free to leave a comment below or send over an email.

If you aren’t yet an Unlimited member, now is a great time to sign up! We already have 4 Madden 18 ebooks out and more on the way.  Madden School Unlimited gets you instant access to every piece of premium content for an entire year.

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  1. As an unlimited member, do we just look through all of the snooks that we already have for the breakdowns or would there be a new section with all of the breakdowns for this playbook?


  2. How do you add plays to the custom playbook?

    1. You just go into the custom playbooks screen and then edit the custom playbook and then go to “all play” and start adding in more.

  3. What’s the best playbook for passing?

  4. Do you guys know if there are any formations where i can line one of my WRS up at RB?

  5. Ok look. Every few weeks I see you guys giving us “This is the best defense playbook you should be using this all the time because its overpowered and blah blah blah..” Well I don’t mean to criticize but you guys are not doing any videos on my favorite team: Dallas. You guys just don’t like the cowboys do you? I’m asking for help on defense. After this latest update I’ve noticed that ratings have gone up and down all over the place for many teams after week 4 in the NFL. And now I practically cannot do anything on defense when I play as the cowboys now because of that. Do you guys have any tips for me with Dallas’s defense on what plays/formations work best now?

  6. are you guys uploading an updated custom playbook?

  7. Can I add plays from West Coast,Run Heavy,To my custom playbook.i’m trying but no luck.can you help me.Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately the game does not allow the plays in those playbooks into custom playbooks.

    1. Yes after we release our 3rd and 4th ebook we will put up our custom playbooks