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Madden 18 Running Play: Pistol Ace – Strong Power

It has gotten harder to pass the ball since the most recent patch so you will need to run the ball more effectively if you want to put points up on the board in Madden 18.

In today’s tip, Mazin, is going over a really good running play from the Seattle Seahawks offensive playbook.  If you want our breakdown of the best formations and plays in that playbook, check out our Madden 18 Seattle Offensive Mini eBook.

Madden 18 Running Play: Pistol Ace - Strong Power

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Pistol Ace

Play: Strong Power


  1. Silde Protect Down

Overview:  This is one of the best run plays in Madden 18 because of the blocking scheme of strong power with the 2 pulling guards.

It gets you a great seal on the edge and for some reason the receivers also block better with this play. This play has the potential to get you to the outside that few plays have this year, and if you incorporate a spin move or juke move you will be out the gate.

Everything you need to dominate in Madden 18 can be found inside of Madden School Unlimited.  Learn more!

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6 years ago

Could you add this to the mini ebook please?