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Madden 18 Nano Blitz: Dollar 3-2-6 – Edge Blitz 3

In today’s free Madden School tip, Mazin is back and this time bringing pressure off the right side of the screen from the Dollar 3-2-6 formation.  This is one of the easiest nano blitzes in Madden 18.  Make sure to mix it in with the Dollar 3-2-6 Str Eagle 3 play that we covered yesterday.

Let’s dive right into this play.

The Easiest Madden 18 Nano Blitz: Dollar 3-2-6 - Edge Blitz 3

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Playbook: Jacksonville Jaguars (and many others)

Formation: Dollar 3-2-6

Play: Edge Blitz 3


  1. Base Align
  2. Press Coverage
  3. Pinch Your Defensive Line
  4. QB Contain

Overview:  This is an edge heat pressure that works extremely well when mixing it with the other dollar blitz from the opposite side, Str Eagle Slant 3. I prefer this blitz over Eagle Slant though because we get the cornerback coming in free instead of the looping linebacker. This play is a great blitz by itself, but it really sees its full potential once we mix in pressure from our blitz from the other side as well.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works…

This is how the play art should look right before the ball is snapped.  You can adjust the zones however you would like.

You can see how quickly that cornerback comes in off the right side of the screen.

The play results in a quick sack and a big loss.

Next up: Check out the entire first formation in our Madden 18 Arizona Offensive eBook!

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6 years ago

I think they broke the Dollar 3-2-6 edge blitz every i do qb contain now it makes the right LB do the QB contain leaving the NB on his normal blitz.