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Madden 18 Gameplay Trailer Released

Finally, after months of waiting, EA Sports released the official gameplay trailer for Madden 18. We’ve all been waiting to see the actual Madden 18 gameplay trailer. The first game trailer unofficially signals the start of Madden season.

What's New in Madden NFL 18

Gameplay footage from the EA Play event was leaked a few months ago, but it only gave us about 8 minutes of game footage. The official trailer didn’t disappoint as you can see a clear cut difference between the new Frostbite game engine graphics and the old Ignite game engine.

The player introductions look great. They’re definitely more realistic looking and have an authentic feel to them. Madden 18 is introducing new game modes. MUT Squads and Longshot will make their respective debut’s when the game is released on August 25th. Although the trailer doesn’t really give us anymore Longshot footage, it does show MUT Squads gameplay.

Also, the new Target Passing feature is shown in gameplay footage, and yes, it looks as difficult as we were told it would be. The animations in general definitely looks like it went through an upgrade. With new reach tackles, cut blocks, and DB/WR engagement graphics, Madden 18 promises to be the most realistic title ever.

What are your thoughts after seeing the Madden 18 gameplay trailer? Does the game look like it will live up to the hype? Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

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