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An Argument for All Draft Champion Strategies

Defense wins championships! A good offense is the best defense! Life is all about balance! The argument has been going on for decades and will no doubt continue even after this persuasive article. Well I’ve got good news, you’re all right! There is no single cookie cutter answer to mastering your draft.

There are about 5 main strategies people tend to follow:

1.) All Defense

2.) All Offense

3.) Spread talent out as best you can

4.) Tough in the trenches

5.) Draft all things passing game

These are the five strategies that you will see most often when playing Draft Champions. I will advocate for all of them and reveal my favorites, in order, at the end.


A solid defense can do multiple things:

-Stop the offense from putting up big numbers

-Give your offense more time with the ball

-Create turnovers that lead to uneven scoring opportunities in your favor

With so few chances to score in online play, the ability to give your team the ball more often is vital to success. Whether it be through increased time of possession or having the ball off turnovers more you can only benefit.

This is betting on the hope that your 70 rated offensive players can score more than your stout defense will let up.

All Offense:

A solid offense can do multiple things:

-Score almost at will

-Have excellent time of possession

-Be very fun to play with

Being able to get the ball in the end-zone takes a load off of your defense. If your defense is able to get a couple stops or even one stop, then with an offense as powerful as this you should be able to outscore your opponent. It may be a tall task for your 70 overall defense, but you’re just asking for one stop at least.

Spread talent out as best you can:

This comes highly recommended from Madden themselves. If you can have superstars all over the field then why not spread the talent far and wide.

In real life you don’t have superstars at every position on the field (at least not in the NFL) and quite often a team will have no more than 5. So when you have the opportunity to get 7 on both sides of the ball it seems like simple logic to go ahead and do just that.

Tough in the trenches:

Solid O-Line and a solid D-line, you will control the pace of the game and push people back and fourth at will. From the O-line’s perspective you can run the ball down your opponents throat and in turn create stellar play action opportunities. No one will touch your QB and your wide-receivers will have all the time in the world to get open down field.

Now from the D-lines perspective! The running game will be non-existent and this will force the the other team to pass. With a solid pass rush this will give the QB little to no time to get the pass away and this often leads to the defensive backs looking like HOFers even if they are rated at 70 overall.

Draft all things passing game:

Drafting WR’s and TE’s to supplement your all-star QB is always a safe bet. After all the NFL shows that high power passing games run the scene. They give you a choice of 3 superstar QB’s right off the bat for a reason.

That being said, the ability to disrupt that superstar QB is going to be a focal point. Pass rushers and DB’s need to be athletic and have play making ability and this will shut down any shot the opposing offense has of being dominant.


As promised our personal opinion from worst to best strategy:

5.) All Defense (why limit yourself to one side of the ball when scoring is so vital)

4.) Spread talent out as best you can (get a focal point, this will help your game plan)

3.) Tough in the trenches (as mentioned earlier the passing game is important, we don’t put too high a value on solid run blocking in online play)

2.) All Offense (scoring is crucial so if you can outscore your opponent then you better because you won’t be able to stop them that’s for sure)

1.) Draft all things passing game (this is a QB driven league, teams with good QB’s…are good, teams who are bad at stopping the QB…are bad)

All that being said you have to match your strategy to your game plan for the best outcome. We’ve shared our strategies based off of our vast experience and learning, now either follow our tips, or prove us wrong.

Well? What are you waiting for? Go assemble your Madden A-team.

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