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Madden 18 To Use The Frostbite Game Engine

Madden NFL 18 will be changing over to the new Frostbite game engine. Up until now, the Madden NFL series has run on the Ignite game engine, but it seems the change will be a nice upgrade.  

EA Sports has recently used the Frostbite engine on other titles such as FIFA 17, and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, which have produced very visually pleasing gameplay to fans of those titles.  

What is Frostbite, you ask?

Well, Frostbite is a video game engine which essentially enhances visual graphics to look more realistic. With Madden 18, this will mean enhanced gameplay and better visuals of players. This also means improvements in smaller features such as a detailed field and realistic crowd.

EA has used the Frostbite engine across other game genres before trying it in their sports titles. Both Battlefield 1 and Stars Wars used Frostbite to help simulate a true to life environment resulting in a detailed and realistic gameplay experience.

Our Madden NFL franchise will transition to the Frostbite engine with Madden NFL 18, unlocking major visual advancements and new gameplay experiences that will excite dedicated Madden players, football fans, and sports fans overall,” an official EA announcement and letter to shareholders read.

Looks like Madden 18 is shaping up to be the best looking game of the series to date. As always, feel free to comment below on the new changes coming to Madden 18. 

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