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Madden 17 Update 1.10 Now Available

Update 1.10 for Madden 17 is now available for download. The update is supposed to improve game stability, and it will address many gameplay issues as well as make a fix to the “invite error” message pop-up when inviting players in franchise mode.

EA has posted a list of all the issues this update addresses, but one of the gameplay fixes undoes a feature that Madden 17 just added with Update 1.09. This update removed the banner that drops down from the bottom of the scoreboard telling players when a user successfully performed a power move, finesse move, or user catch.

There are other issues addressed having to do with player freezes, the ability of offensive lineman, and the use of the right stick to pump fake when outside the pocket with the quarterback. All of the areas that this update will address are listed on EA’s Facebook Page.

It seems this update will improve many areas of gameplay, especially online H2H play. The fixes should make gameplay a bit more on the ‘fair’ side given the improvements to various position specific improvements such as with offensive lineman and wide receivers. The biggest improvement to online H2H that Update 1.10 will have relates to the ability for opponents to grieve using glitches in the game.

Many players glitches in the game such as repeated offsides penalties on the last play of the game to continually extend the contest. May seem small, but if it has happened to you during a match, then you’re certainly glad to see it fixed.

As always, feel free to share your comments or opinions below.


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Dantavious jones
Dantavious jones
4 years ago

I got the game to download but when I go inside the game to play it say installing at the top of the corner