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A Look At The Madden 17 Final Defensive Player Ratings

The latest, and final, roster update for Madden 17 is now available for download. That means Madden 17 is in the history books, and the final player ratings are now set in stone. We’re taking a look inside the top rated defensive players of this year’s Madden 17 game, and also weighing in on a few player ratings that we feel are possible snubs.

The top middle linebacker in Madden 17 is Luke Kuechly who ends the season with a 99 overall rating. Kuechly was injured for the last half of the year, but he leads the group nonetheless. One other notable linebacker is Bobby Wagner who led the NFL in tackles  with a 92 overall.

A surprisingly low rating at middle linebacker this year is Alec Ogletree at a 76 overall. This rating seems especially low given his awareness is an 81, his tackle is 87, and his 85 speed is great for a linebacker.

We all know pass rushers wreck games in Madden 17. JJ Watt and Von Miller both finished the season with the highest rating at a 99 overall. Watt’s high rating could be viewed as similar to Kuechly’s in that Watt missed too much time during the season with an injury. Kahlil Mack finishes right behind Watt and Miller with a 98 overall rating to end the year and solidify him as a game wrecking pass rusher in Madden 17.

Perhaps the biggest miss in the ratings for Madden 17 pass rushers would have to be Vic Beasley Jr at an 82 overall. Beasley led the league in sacks and was the playmaker of a defense that went to the Super Bowl, so that’s why his 82 overall just seems off.

To put it in perspective, Beasley’s 82 overall rating is much lower than similar players such as Brian Orakpo (85 overall), Pernell McPhee(84 overall), and James Harrison (87 overall). Other pass rushers who were possibly snubbed in the ratings include Cliff Avril and Lorenzo Alexander as they were both in the top six in sacks this year, but share a low 82 overall rating.

Denver Bronco teammates Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. share a 94 overall rating and top the cornerback position to end the Madden 17 season. Some other corners coming in at the top are Malcolm Butler with a 91 overall, Josh Norman with a 90 overall and Richard Sherman who also finishes the year with a 90 overall.  

Casey Hayward (SD) is a possible snub at the corner spot after he ended the year with an 86 overall rating, but was the league leader in interceptions. Hayward’s 86 overall just doesn’t seem to reflect his 89 speed, 89 zone and 82 man coverage, and his 89 awareness making him fairly underrated. 

This one isn’t necessarily a snub, we have to mention the disappointing 81 overall rating that Darrelle Revis has to close out the Madden 17 year. We may have seen the last of a great Madden defender and playmaker. 

The top rated safeties, and secondary players altogether, are Kam Chancellor and Eric Weddle who both finish the Madden 17 season with a 95 overall rating. Other top rated safeties include Earl Thomas III, Eric Berry, and Harrison Smith who are all tied with a 94 overall rating.

Snubs at this position include Tyrann Mathieu at free safety who ends the year with a lowly 85 overall rating, and also Quintin Demps (Hou) at strong safety who ends the year with an 84 overall rating. Mathieu is a game wrecker in Madden 17 with a big hitter trait, forces fumbles trait, 90 speed, and 83 awareness.  

Did the Madden 17 ratings department get it right? Are there any players you feel we may have missed? As always, please feel free to give us your thoughts and share your opinions in the comments section below.   

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