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5 Players To Move Up The Depth Chart In Madden 17

Do you go through the depth charts and examine players with a fine toothed comb in order to give yourself an edge over your opponent? Maybe you want to use a much faster running back who can get to the edge on those stretch and toss plays, or perhaps you spot a possible mismatch on defense and want to utilize a taller wide receiver with a higher jump rating who can go up and snatch the ball out of the air.

We provide a few ideas for players who can help out in a recent article about 5 under the radar players to watch for in the upcoming Madden 18 game being released later this year, but for now we’ll focus on a few possibilities to move up the depth chart right away in Madden 17.

These are 5 possible players, in no particular order, that you can consider moving up on the depth chart.    

Percy Harvin WR Buffalo Bills

Consider moving Harvin up to the number three receiver, or slot receiver, on the Buffalo depth chart. Harvin’s overall rating is a 78, but the threat he poses to defenses is invaluable given his abilities.

Harvin has a 92 speed, with an 84 catch, and 78 route running plus a 78 catch in traffic. That’s far better than Marquise Goodwin, who currently sits in that third receiver spot.

Theo Riddick HB Detroit Lions

This should almost be a no brainer if you like to use Detroit in Madden 17, but for some reason Ameer Abdullah sits ahead of Riddick as the starting running back for the Lions. Riddick is better in nearly every skill category except for speed. Riddick comes in with an 88 awareness, 92 elusiveness, 90 ball carrier vision. Riddick, is a far better option out of the backfield in the passing game with a 76 catch and 86 route running plus a 77 catch in traffic.   

Eric Decker WR New York Jets

Although not many players are using the Jets these days, this move on the depth chart is warranted just due to the large gap in overall rating between Decker, an 88 overall, and Brandon Marshall, an 85 overall.

Maybe it’s because Marshall is getting older, but Decker should be moved up to number one on the chart, especially if you run a more ball control style of offense. Decker’s ratings are higher in nearly every receiving category including 95 awareness, 92 catch, 92 route running, and a stellar catch in traffic rating of 94.   

Brian Hoyer QB Chicago Bears

This move is just a matter of preference, but Hoyer could serve as the better option over Jay Cutler due to his slightly higher awareness and accuracy ratings. Even though Brian Hoyer has an overall rating of 75, which is two points less than Cutler’s 77 overall, Hoyer still deserves to be moved up for some styles of play such as a short passing game and ball control style of offense.

Regardless, Hoyer’s awareness is 77, he has a decent throw power rating of 90, and his short accuracy rating is an 86 with a 79 medium accuracy.

Tony Romo QB Dallas Cowboys

Now this move will really spark some debate, but since both Dak Prescott and Tony Romo have the same 85 overall rating, then it comes down to pure preference and style of play. Romo has just a few key ratings and player traits going in his favor when you compare the two quarterbacks in an effort to decide which one you should start. Again, it comes down to style of play, so if you like to stand in the pocket and throw, then Romo is going to be your guy.

Romo’s awareness rating comes in at an 88, he has an always important clutch trait, and his accuracy ratings are very solid. Romo comes in with a 91 short throw accuracy, an 88 medium accuracy, and an 82 deep throw accuracy, Romo has the edge over Prescott to be your starter if you’re a throw from the pocket type of player on offense.

Do you have any suggestions for players to move up on the depth charts? Are there any you think we may have missed? As always, we welcome your thoughts, opinions, and feedback in the comments section below.      


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