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Madden 17 Update 1.09 Now Available

The Madden 17 update 1.09 is now available for both PS4 and XBOX One. The update focuses mainly on Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Seasons mode. A new column in the MUT Season’s main menu shows your overall progress in the game mode, and that includes previous opponents played and the scores from those games.

The update addressed a bug in the MUT Seasons mode that prevented players from seeing the number of low contracts as you exited a game. Update 1.09 also provides MUT Seasons players some visual feedback whenever particular chemistry abilities are used. Another feature the update added are night games and playoff presentation to MUT Seasons games.

As far as regular, overall gameplay goes, the update added a feedback banner that pops up across the bottom of the score box, and it tells players when a user performs a move such as a hit stick, or user catch. It even shows when a user is successful in performing a power or finesse move when rushing the passer, or chasing a ball carrier.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the update removed a glitch that caused Field Goals to be blocked at an extremely high rate.   

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