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Madden 16 Won’t Have Individual Defensive Assignments

Remember the days when you could take Champ Bailey and match him up against Randy Moss all game?  Those days are long gone.  Not just because both of those guys are retired but because in Madden 16 you can’t assign a lockdown corner to stay on a specific receiver regardless of where he lines up.

The screenshot from EA Sports above shows Patrick Peterson battling Calvin Johnson for a pass in Madden NFL 16.  That is the type of matchup the people love.  Dominant receiver vs. elite cornerback.

However, the matchup you see in Madden is all too often dominant receiver vs. 3rd string cornerback because experienced gamers move their best players around to create match up problems.

The ability to assign a specific player on defense to another team’s star receiver was something that many fans requested.  That being said, it isn’t something that should have been expected.  EA Sports removed that ability a while ago.  It wasn’t in Madden 25 or Madden 15 but the community had hoped for its inclusion in Madden 16.

For now we will just have to hope that individual player assignments will be something that is added in next year’s game.

Hot routes on screen plays and auto-motion plays also won’t be in Madden 16.  There are some cool new features that were added to Madden NFL 16 that we are looking forward to.  You can check them out here.

You will be able to do some cool things on defense in Madden 16 without scrolling over to each player.

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