With all of the Madden 16 news announced yesterday, some of the smaller improvements got overshadowed.  One of those things is a new feature on defense called, “Quick Adjustments.”

Quick adjustments allow you to make changes to your defense much like you make hot routes on offense.  If you want to blitz your strong safety, instead of scrolling over to him and manually telling him to blitz, you can just push a few buttons and he will know to blitz.

Here is how EA Sports described it:

Defensive quick adjustments give users the ability to adjust any of their defenders on the field without having to manually switch to the defender.

Simply select the group (DL, LB, DB), choose individual adjustment, select the defender and set the assignment.

This addresses a long-standing legacy issue that put the defense at a disadvantage when it came to pre-play adjustments.

Quick adjustments should make it easier to create more complicated defenses in Madden NFL 16 since you no longer have to scroll over to each player individually to make changes.  We will have new defenses using this new technique in our Madden 16 defensive tips section once the game comes out so be on the lookout for that in August.