Yesterday we went over a defensive setup that took a lot of steps and is for more advanced Madden 16 gamers.  Today we have a blitz that is incredibly easy to set up that still gets quick pressure while only sending 5 guys after the quarterback.

If you are a Madden School Unlimited member, you can mix this play in with our 3-4 Bear scheme.  The video and breakdown can be found below.

Playbook: 46, San Francisco, many others

Formation: 3-4 Bear

Play: Pinch Buck 0


  1. Base Align.
  2. Crash the defensive line to the right.
  3. Put the linebacker on the right side of the screen in any zone.

Overview: This play brings fantastic edge heat from the left, while having a really quick setup. Also, the great thing about this play is it only blitzes five people and the quarterback is under a lot of pressure.  Being able to put the blitzing linebacker on the right side of the screen into a zone adds good coverage to go along with the great pressure.

Here is a more in-depth look at the play.

Pinch Buck 0 #1

Since we used Base Align, our defenders stay in their original positions.  This is how the defense should look right before the snap.

Pinch Buck 0 #2

The linebacker on the left side of the screen will usually beat the left tackle and have a free shot at the quarterback,

Pinch Buck 0 #3

We get a sack and the quarterback fumbles the ball.

Madden 16 Pinch Buck O

Our defensive tackle dives on the ball and now we’ve created a turnover.

Madden 16 Advanced Defensive eBook

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