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Madden 16 Blitz: 3-4 Bear – Pinch Buck 0

Yesterday we went over a defensive setup that took a lot of steps and is for more advanced Madden 16 gamers.  Today we have a blitz that is incredibly easy to set up that still gets quick pressure while only sending 5 guys after the quarterback.

If you are a Madden School Unlimited member, you can mix this play in with our 3-4 Bear scheme.  The video and breakdown can be found below.

Madden 16 Blitz: 3-4 Bear - Pinch Buck 0

Playbook: 46, San Francisco, many others

Formation: 3-4 Bear

Play: Pinch Buck 0


  1. Base Align.
  2. Crash the defensive line to the right.
  3. Put the linebacker on the right side of the screen in any zone.

Overview: This play brings fantastic edge heat from the left, while having a really quick setup. Also, the great thing about this play is it only blitzes five people and the quarterback is under a lot of pressure.  Being able to put the blitzing linebacker on the right side of the screen into a zone adds good coverage to go along with the great pressure.

Here is a more in-depth look at the play.

Pinch Buck 0 #1

Since we used Base Align, our defenders stay in their original positions.  This is how the defense should look right before the snap.

Pinch Buck 0 #2

The linebacker on the left side of the screen will usually beat the left tackle and have a free shot at the quarterback,

Pinch Buck 0 #3

We get a sack and the quarterback fumbles the ball.

Madden 16 Pinch Buck O

Our defensive tackle dives on the ball and now we’ve created a turnover.

Madden 16 Advanced Defensive eBook

This play becomes even more effective when mixed in with the other plays in our Madden 16 Advanced Defensive eBook.  Get your eBook today!

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8 years ago

When are you going to put up an affective pass coverage defense and a Punt And FG Block

8 years ago

I should point out that in-game, the linebacker will not move down automatically like that (which is the whole key to this blitz working). So either you have to run this stock, without dropping the other linebacker, or manually move that linebacker down and hold him there yourself until the snap.

These kinds of things (pre-snap movements) are very frustrating when they consistently happen in practice mode (most notably in the 3-4 formations and also the 4-4 Split) but do not happen when you’re actually in a game.

8 years ago

The commentator, well one of them made a rude comment He stated “the game got all weird because it is autistic”. Seriously a site like this should not allow such ignorant comments within its videos POSTED ON THE site.

8 years ago

It would be nice to see some plays that constantly stop the hb toss

8 years ago
Reply to  siggy

Run a cover 3 version if you’re having trouble stopping certain types of runs and switch between cover 3/ 4 down lineman and cover 3 /3 down lineman.

8 years ago

The Pinch hbuck scheme suggestion has helped me to win like almost 15 games since I’ve been trying it last week. and if you run it and you don’t get Immediately pressure simply switch the d.l on opposite side and the linebackers the opposite. but you do have to locate that linebacker that’s in man I always locate him put him in either a deep zone or hooks on and then you can just really do all kinds of things with him play with your opponents head