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How To Attack A Cover 4 Defense in Madden 16

In today’s free Madden tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a few concepts you can use to beat cover 4 defense in Madden 16.

You can check out the video and the full breakdown below.

Attacking A Cover 4 Defense In Madden 16

Playbook: Any

Formation: Trips formations work best, also bunch formations


  • Stick
  • Spacing
  • Any play with a backside dig route
  • Flood plays with a slot corner


Stick –> Read the “stick” routes, this is generally your TE. Choose between the backside slant and the dig.

Spacing –> Hit any WR that’s standing still without a guy covering him

Overview: ¬†Cover 4 defense is becoming popular in Madden 16 due to it’s symmetrical look and the way the safeties attack the line of scrimmage on run plays and how many guys it has defending the deep pass.

Attacking this defense vertically is generally not smart. You want to attack this defense horizontally by using many various concepts, but most of which revolve around defenders sitting in areas of the zone you know won’t be covered by defenders and forcing the defensive user to choose who to cover.

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8 years ago

I would like a eBook how would I buy one

Chicago Cheesehead
Chicago Cheesehead
8 years ago

Great post. U guys are on top of your game at @madden school. Keep the tips coming.