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Madden 13 Breakdown – Gun Bunch TE: Mesh

Compressions sets have been effective in Madden since the old PS2 days and that theme continues in Madden 13. In today’s free Madden tip, we are going to go over a play that will have you beating any coverage as long as you make very simple reads.

Playbook: Indianapolis Colts

Formation: Gun Bunch TE

Play: Mesh

Madden 13 Tips: Gun Bunch TE - Mesh ( Breakdown)

  1. Hot route your tight end to a slant
  2. Hot route your triangle/Y receiver to a streak


  1. Your tight end will be open against pretty much any coverage
  2. Against some zones, look to your triangle/Y receiver

Below we are going to break down your reads against the 3 most common types of coverages in Madden 13.

First against man to man coverage you should notice that the man covering our tight end is lined up way too far outside, so when he makes his break in, he will have great spacing.

You can see how our tight end has literally the entire middle of the field to himself and the cornerback covering him is way behind him. Pro Tip: If you motion your running back to the left pre-snap, your tight end will get even better seperation and both defenders will go with the running back before one realizes he should be guarding the tight end. The screenshot above shows that.

Now we are going to run the same play versus a cover 3 defense.

Notice how our square/X receiver is wide open breaking towards the sideline at about the 20 yard line.

Our quarterback makes the throw with no one around him for an easy 15 yard gain.

Finally, lets run the same play against a cover 2 defense, shown above.

You should notice that we can immediately throw to our tight end on his slant route for 5-7 yards. If you are under heavy pressure, feel free to throw it.

Or you can wait a little longer to throw it. You will notice in this screenshot, our tight end is now past the left hashmarks and is still wide open.

We fire the pass into our tight end and pick up about 11 yards.

The other option against a cover 2 defense is to go for the deep ball to our triangle/Y receiver. In the screenshoy above, you see that our reciever streaking down the middle of the field looks covered when we are in the motion of throw to him.

But with the new total control passing in Madden 13, we lead pass to the right and our wide receiver cuts to the inside and beats the safety.

You should now be ready to take this play into practice mode or an online game and have success with it.

For more detailed Madden 13 tips and schemes, make sure to check out the 2 ebooks we have available. You can find out more information about those by clicking the links below.

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11 years ago

in bunch put your outside receiver in the bunch on a fade route,
and put middle wr on streak route, inside te on slant or out route.
after you hike hit the fade route. open alot with crabtree.
throw the ball inside the corner and below the safety only thing to watch is LB in curl to flat route

Another option is double fades.
put the outside bunch wr and te on fade routes. middle wr on streak, slant to clear out
hit the open fade route

11 years ago

i was talking about single back bunch or bunch with TE

11 years ago

what are some good passing plays that are in gun that is in the titans playbook