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Madden 13 Fake Safety Blitz Concept

The fake safety blitz concept was made popular by a few members of the forum back in Madden NFL 11 and it still works wonders in Madden 13.  Today we will be showing you a way to get unblocked pressure off the edge while rushing only 5 defenders against 5 offensive lineman.

Playbook: 46

Formation: 3-4 Solid

Play: OLB Blitz

Madden 13 3-4 Solid OLB Blitz (Safety Fake Blitz)


  1. Control your safety in the deep blue zone and hot route him to blitz
  2. (Optional) Press coverage

The key to making this play work is letting your safety (who you are controlling) take 2-3 steps toward the line of scrimmage before you take control of him and manually defend the middle of the field.

This play can also be used as a solid run defense so keep that in mind when calling 3-4 Solid OLB Blitz.

If you have been enjoying all of the free defensive tips that we have been providing out of the 46 defensive playbook, you may also be interested in purchasing an eBook with 30 additional plays all out of the 46 playbook.  If you are struggling on offense in Madden 13, you can also pick up our offensive eBook based out of the Atlanta Falcons playbook.  Click on the images below for details.

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11 years ago

are there anymore plays/nanos out of 43 defense…and what are some good passing play that is in the titans offense?

11 years ago

looking for good defenses out of nickel strong

corey robisnon
corey robisnon
11 years ago

how you stop these guys from this pause or cut off the game glitches