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Madden 13 Big Nickel Bear Zone Blitz Setup

Yesterday we went over a man to man blitz out of the big nickel bear formation.  In order to keep your opponent on their toes, you will want to mix that blitz in with a zone blitz.  In this Madden 13 tip, we are going to go over how to set up the play and make it look exactly the same but with a completely different coverage behind it.

Playbook: 46

Formation: Big Nickel Bear

Play: Cover 2

Madden NFL 13 Cover 2 Nano Blitz (


  1. Hot route your DT to a yellow zone
  2. Hot route your MLB to a blitz and place him directly over the left tackle
  3. (Optional) Hot route your cornersbacks to purple zones

You can see in the video how the pressure comes from right up the middle and everyone seems to be covered.  This play doesn’t work too well against the run so only call it when you are confident that your opponent is passing.

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11 years ago

this blitz is reaaly great to have in the arsenal, especially great when you have an explosive RE.

11 years ago

great blitz but … with placing your mlb over the LT also means that u cant user any1 except the mlb blitzing because if u place the mlb and click off him , he will move back in his base spot , is there ne way to prevent players from moving back like that