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Madden 12 Release Date Confirmed

madden 12 domination

Madden NFL has traditionally be released within the first half of August but that will not be the case this year.  EA Sports, the video game company that is in charge of the madden series, announced a few minutes ago that the Madden 12 release date will be pushed back to August 30th, 2011.  Last year’s madden 11 video game was released on August 10th.

According to EA Sports Senior PR Representative Rob Sempsey, EA moved back the release date to align better with the scheduled start of the NFL season. Others speculate that it has to do with high level executives leaving EA Sport’s Tiburon studio.  Either way this will likely have a significant impact on sales.  The hardcore madden gamers will be outraged while casual NFL fans may be more likely to buy madden 12 because of the move.

The NCAA Football 12 release date has not yet been changed from July 12th, 2011 yet but we will let you know of any developments.

Let us know your opinion on the madden nfl 12 release date in the comment section or on our madden 12 forum.

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  1. I hate the move and like the move. It gives football fans period to enjoy college for almost two months without any comp. Im just a big football fan, but dont get me wrong because im ready to see the new things in madden. "CAN'T WAIT" 🙂

    1. when is madden 2014 demo get released

  2. hey please add some stuff to super star put back the mesaging, and the interviews,and drills and make a live draft please take up on it. That would only make your game better please because I love superstar.

  3. please add new logos to the created team mode and update the stadium peices for the created team too

  4. make superstar mode 4 wii it would make it better 4 wii owners

  5. hey I'm new to madden but loved 2011 demo, I was wondering whether to get 2011 or wait for 2012?

    1. wait on madden 12 im top 15 in the world in madden 10 and 11 my 11 stopped working 2 days ago and im waiting on 12 because the whole madden community will move with u to 12 and get a fast start is key

  6. I would like to see ea games add create a coach to madden

  7. The move will hurt sales. I feel that the release date was pushed back due to the lock out. EA Sports has to update roster moves because their has been no free agency. You could have rookie hold outs etc. EA Sports has the body work done, they now have to put the right players on the correct teams. And oh, if The Bengals Carson Palmer retires, he should be deleted from the game.

    1. I doubt the push back is gonna hurt sales. People who buy it every year are still gonna buy it.

  8. I hope all the buggy garbage is fixed, i dont want to see o-linemen chest bumping after getting stuffed on 3rd down. you and your monopoly madden!!!

  9. Madden monopoly is just about up with the NFL-EA deal about to expire… Bring on NFL 2K13!!!! I'm tired of Madden screwing up the game with non-game essentials and catering to "casual" gamers. Madden "was" the most true to the game and reallistic game on the planet. Maybe they could just make a sepperate game for toddlers and give the big kids a real game again.

    1. I concur, with no other nfl game being made EA has really slacked off the past few years knowing that they don’t have to try very hard. Even with other games i’ll probably still buy Madden cause the last non-Madden football game I bought was Gameday something or other. & it got real boring cause I just did fantasy draft & used my top 4 picks on running backs so I had a top guy for every quarter. Ran the exact same play every down in 15 min quarters on the highest skill level & still had 4 100 yard rushers every game (barring an injury)

  10. please upgrade the superstar and dont just make the ps3 and x box better please make the ps2 better too cause thats what i have i have madden 10 11 and 7 i used to have 8 and 9 but i sold them but think of older things too!