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The first big news about madden 12 franchise mode is that there will be pre-season cuts.  You will enter the pre-season with 75 players and have to cut down your nfl roster to 54 players before the regular season starts.  This is a feature that has been requested for years.  Gamers will be happy about the addition to madden 12, but it will be overlooked soon enough.  Here are a few other details about the madden nfl 12 franchise mode.

•Dynamic Player Performance: Player ratings fluctuate based on their performance.

•Player Roles: More than 20 roles affect player and team stats over the course of the season.

•Free Agents: You get the opportunity to make quick bids against other team’s general managers. This will surely speed up the free-agent process.

•New Scouting System: The new madden scouting system shows ratings tied to different events like the college season, combine, pro day, individuals, etc.

•Draft Class Improvements: Robust set of draftees built for 30 seasons of franchise. Teams draft based on their real tendencies.

•Coaches Actually Matter: Coaches will now have a small impact on how their players perform on the field based on their unique coaching style.

•Smarter GM’s: General Managers finally make good decisions. Better re-sign and cut logic. They will make trades and sign free agents who fit their needs, with player roles factored in.

•Team Switch: In any offseason, change control of which teams you run in Franchise mode.

•Other Changes: Many other small tuning and additions are coming including retirement logic, a more accurate salary system, fixes to the injured reserve system, better simulation stats, and more.


  • I can’t scout players in franchise mode or am I doing something wrong? I can’t adust the clock roll off time in franchise mode either

    • I don't believe there is a clock roll off in this version. The Scouting feature is a little trickier this season, you can't scout at all in Preseason and then you get to select the # of scouts you're allowed in week 1 and then not again until later in the season. If you don't select people to scout, the CPU does it for you and therefore you can't scout until later in the season anyway.

      I personally haven't noticed any problems with scouting, I don't know if what I've told you helps at all.

    • I went online and played a few head-to-head games and got some coins….now I can use the scouting option in franchine mode.

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