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Singleback Bunch- Spacing: Money Play

XtremeWTRocker a moderator and dedicated member of our madden 12 forum brings you this money play for madden 11.

Singleback Bunch-Spacing (Package: All WR)
1. Hot Route B/Circle to Drag
2. Hot Route A/X to Slant
3. Hot Route X/Square to Slant Out

The Singleback Bunch with the All WR package is an excellent way to get all of your playmakers on the field at once. The Spacing play is a prime example of how the Singleback Bunch can achieve this. With a few adjustments, this play can exploit man, zone, and press coverages.

Man Reads:
1. Y/Triangle on Flat
2. B/Circle on Drag
3. A/X on Slant

Your first read is the inside receiver on the bunch running the flat route (Y/Triangle). Verses man, the opposing defenders will bunch up with the receivers and cause picks between each other. This allows for your inside receiver to be wide open initially for an easy gain. Your second read is the receiver on a drag (B/Circle). He can easily get away from his man on the outside and escape out the backside of the play on this route. Your last read is the slant by the middle receiver.

Zone Reads:
1. B/Circle on Drag
2. A/X on Slant
3. X/Square on Slant out

The slant by the middle receiver will extend the zones of the backers. Just pass lead down and inside to your receiver on a drag and turn up field immediately. Your receiver on a slant will sometimes even pick up a block for you. You can also try to find the receiver on the slant or the wide out on the slant out in the voids of the zone coverage.

Man Press:
1. Y/Triangle on Flat
2. B/Circle on Drag

This setup works best when the ball is positioned on the hash marks to the side of the lone receiver. Motion the outside receiver on the bunch inside and hike the ball when he is behind the middle receiver. This should break up all press coverage. You still have your easy reads to the flat and the drag. But if you are on the hash mark to the single receiver side, your wide out will burn the press coverage. Just pass lead inside for an easy gain.

Watch the video below for more information on how to pull this play off successfully

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