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madden 2012-passing

Madden 12 Quick Pass

In this Madden 12 tip, we are breaking down a quick pass that you can use with any team.  Quick passing should be mixed into your madden nfl 12 offensive scheme in order to keep the defense off balance.

Playbook: Houston Texans

Formation: I-Form Close

Play: Texans Drag


  1. Choose the Dual HB package
  2. Hot route your circle/b receiver to an extended out route
  3. Hot route your tight end to a streak
  4. Motion your fullback (2nd string hb) out to the left and snap the ball right when he gets past the receiver


  1. Your first read is always your fullback on a quick pass.
  2. If he is covered, look to pass to the receiver on the drag route or on the extended out route
  3. Against cover 2 defenses, your tight end should be open over the middle of the field for a nice gain.

Overview: This play works because your fullback/2nd string halfback gets a running start on his way out to the flats because you sent him in motion.  The only consistent way to stop that route is with a cover 2 or manaually defending it.  On the right side of the field, you have an over/under read with your receiver on the streak and your receiver running the 10 yard out.  Against zone coverage, one of them should always be open.

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    1. hot route to the out route normally, then hot route again same guy, and give it "smart route" by clicking right stick. it will take route to first down marker. Only way I know, wont work in short yardage situations though.

  1. to stop: Cover 2, hot route Lb right purple