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Madden 12 Running Play – HB Inside

madden 12 tipsThere aren’t very many consistent running plays in madden 12 like there have been in past madden games.  But we managed to find one that works pretty well for us.  As always the video above is filmed on all-madden difficulty level.  Make sure to watch the video as well as read the text breakdown for ideal results.

Formation: Near Pro

Play: HB Inside


1. Motion your fullback out to the right.  Once he gets behind your right tackle snap the ball and follow your blockers.

Overview: Different variations of this play have worked on previous madden and this year it is no different.  The angle of the run and the speed at which the quarterback hands off to the running back leads to a consistant gain on the ground.

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marlowe rogers
marlowe rogers
12 years ago

Can someone please tell m how to stop the Guns 2 back set hitch play. Both running backs run to the flats and people make the slot wr run a streak and the 2 outside wr do a hitch. I ran every defense and it did not stop it. Even made my lineman drop in coverage and it was still open. This one formation is being ran the whole entire game. Need a patch on this ASAP!

Josh Young
Josh Young
11 years ago
Reply to  marlowe rogers

Try running a Cover 3 And press coverage on everyone and show blitz but don’t algin them in man coverage. Then do a edge rush with your lineman, but pinch them first. The for your LB’s Shift them to the side away from were the opponent is passing it to.(So you dont get a pass Interferance.

Bicky Robby
Bicky Robby
11 years ago

I’m am terribad at running plays in madden. Also my defense plays/tackles kill my morale! Any tips on user tackling??