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Destroy Cover 2 – Madden 12

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The cover 2 defense has been a favorite of madden gamers for years and it will be no different in madden 12.  In this breakdown we will go over a concept that tears apart the cover 2 defense for easy 30 yard gains.  Lets get right into the setup.

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: Gun Trey Open

Play: PA Slot Under


  1. Hot route your tight end to a streak
  2. Hot route your running back to block
  3. Hot route your square/X receiver to a slant in
  4. Motion your circle/B receiver to the left and snap the ball right after he takes 2 steps (See video for timing)


  1. Your primary read is your circle/B receiver running the streak.  Wait a few seconds and let it fly.  (Optional: precision pass to the right)
  2. Look to your other square/B receiver on the slant
  3. Look to your triangle/Y receiver on the short in route

Overview: This play is effective because we overload 1 safety with 2 receivers.  Usually the corner in the light blue zone jams the circle/B receiver which makes it easier on the defense.  We are able to get around this by motioning our circle/B receiver which gets him down the field untouched.  If you misread the defense for some reason, the slant route and the short in route beat most zones and man coverages for 5-10 yard gains.

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12 years ago

Why does this only work with the Oakland pb? I use the patriots. When I call a similar play to the one you call and my qb won’t hike the ball until my receiver has completed his motion. What gives?

Madden man
Madden man
12 years ago

Depending on the formation, the WR has to be backed up off the line of scrimmage for this to work otherwise you cannot hike the ball until the receiver completes his motion. The reason for this is that if he is lined up at the line and you hike the ball while he is in motion, than it is an illegal motion