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madden 12 coverage

Enhanced Cover 3 Zone Defense

Yesterday we showed you a simple way of getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Today’s free tip goes over how to enhance your zone defenses.  There is so much talk about how effective light blue flat zones are that people forget about the effectiveness of the purple buzz zones.  We are going to demonstrate how the purple buzz zone defends against everything the light blue flat zone does and much more.

Formation: Dollar 3-2-6

Play: Cover 3


  1. Hot route both cornerbacks in the light blue flat zones to purple buzz zones

Lets go over this coverage defense in a little more depth…

The first play we demonstrate our modified cover 3 against has flat routes on both sides of the field.

madden 12 coverage

You can see in the pre-play screenshot that it appears that the flat routes should be open for about a 5 yard gain.  (In past versions of madden this would be true)

madden coverage2

However, you can see that our defender in the purple buzz zone still jumps that route and can swat it down or get an interception.

Now we are going to run the exact same defense just this time against extended out routes which would crush the light blue flat zones. 

madden 12 coverages

 You can see that everything is set up the exact same way except this time the offense has changed it’s play to try to beat our cover 3 defense.

 madden 12 interception

 You can see that our defender in the purple buzz zone drops all the way back to the 20 yard line and gets an easy interception.

This whole week we will continue to provide more defensive tips for madden 12, but if you want to instantly get better on defense, make sure to check out the defensive lockdown ebook.

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  1. How about if your TE is running a 10 yard out, and your FB is running to the flats.

    Which will he go for?

    1. He will go with the deeper route. If you throw to the fullback he will come up and make the tackle for only a short gain

      1. hotroute ur receiver to do an out route like u reguraly do then press hotroute again then click the middle of the right analog its called smart route

  2. How do you do an extended out route on ps3?

    1. bring up the hot routes, select an out route for the receiver of your choice, then make the same player run a smart route (L3)

  3. does this concept work for other formations that run cover 3?

    1. Yes anything with the flat light blue zones like cover 2 or zone blitzes will also work with this concept

  4. I have been wanting to know this as well. I cannot figure it out.

  5. how do u hot route the cornerbacks to a purple buzz zone

  6. so is there any reason to use use flat zones when the buzz zones are doing such a great job?

  7. I can't find the buzz zone hot route on xboox 360. It doesn't say buzz zone. Thanks.