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Free Tips Tuesday Episode #4 – Weak Slot Power O

The one defense you are guaranteed to encounter when playing in any online Madden 13 game is 2 man under.  Novice players call it because it is extremely simple and veterans call it because it is very effective.  In today’s Free Tips Tuesday episode, we will show you a basic way of beating 2 man under defense.

Formation: Weak Slot

Play: PA Power O Free Tips Tuesday Episode #4


  1. Block the fullback
  2. Motion the receiver on the far right to the left
  3. Hot route your square/X receiver to an extended out route
  4. Hot route your halfback to a flat route to the left


  1. Your first read is your X/A receiver on the corner route
  2. If he is covered, look to your square/X receiver on the extended out route Pro Tip: Block your fullback to the left and slide protect your offensive line to the right for better protection.

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    1. This was done out of the Miami Dolphins playbook but it can be found in many others.

      1. How can you custimize a teams playbook to add new plays

        1. There is a customize playbook tab in the my madden section when you boot up your game.

  1. Sick Play ! Using it out the Skins play book. Smaking 99 Legend teams wit it 🙂 I only run it on third down and within the red zone

  2. There’s no weak/slot option in the 49ers playbook, only weak/tight. Lame, I’d like to use my own team’s playbook for gaming.

    1. That is not a huge problem, just find a few plays that work well out of the 49ers playbook and you will be on your way

  3. can u play a season on 13? and if not which i have heard is there a season on 14

  4. Hi Im relatively new to Madden and think your tips look great. What ebooks do you recommend to dominate the game on offense and defence and advance my abilities to all-madden?