Instead of trying to tell you just how awesome our new Advanced Defensive Tactics eBook for Madden 13 is, we instead decided to give away the first play in the ebook for free so you can get a feel for what to expect.  The play below is extremely simple yet very effective.

Playbook: Miami Defense

Formation: 4-3 Stack

Play: OLB Fire Man


  1. Crash and spread your D-line out
  2. Reblitz both DEs
  3. Spread your linebackers

As you saw in the video, this play brings fast pressure off both edges of the field.  In the Advanced Defensive Tactics eBook, we mix this play in with various other blitzes as well as some max coverage defenses.  Everything looks the exact same to your opponent but he won’t know whether you are bringing intense pressure or playing a soft zone.

If you are interested in learning more about the Advanced Defensive Tactics eBook and how it can turn your defense into an unstoppable machine, click on the banner below.