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Madden Rookie Ratings Image of Jets Defender

Forecasting The Ratings For Top Madden 18 Rookies

Wondering what this year’s batch of rookies might look like when the G.O.A.T. Edition of Madden 18 comes out August 22nd? We’ve been doing our homework here at Madden School, and today we’re forecasting the ratings for top Madden 18 rookies.

DE Myles Garrett: Cleveland Browns

Ratings Forecast: 82

Garrett was the number one overall pick by the Cleveland Browns, and we can’t wait to see what he will look like in Madden 18. Garrett should have better speed and finesse move ratings than strength and power move ratings based on his style of play at Texas A&M. Given the ratings of similar rookies like Joey Bosa or Jadaveon Clowney, Garrett should come in rated somewhere around the low to mid 80’s.

QB Mitchell Trubisky: Chicago Bears

Ratings Forecast: 77

As we’ve suggested, Trubisky’s ratings should mirror Carson Wentz’s from last year’s Madden. Wentz started the season with an overall rating in the high 70’s and so should Trubisky. In fact, their attribute ratings such as speed and throw power should also look very similar as Trubisky showcased many of the same skills as Wentz did during his college days. Since the Bears signed Mike Glennon, Trubisky is likely to start Madden 18 as number two on the Chicago depth chart. That might not be a bad thing as it relates to Trubisky’s overall ratings in Madden 18.

WR John Ross: Cincinnati Bengals

Ratings Forecast: 77

Ross blew up the combine with his record setting 40-yard dash, so we naturally can’t wait to see his Madden 18 rating. If nothing else, Ross should certainly have one of the highest speed ratings in the new game. Don’t be distracted by his speed, though. Ross can play and he showed it while at Washington as he made several spectacular catches over the course of his college career. Ross should come in rated somewhere around the mid-ish 70’s.

RB Christian McCaffrey: Carolina Panthers

Ratings Forecast: 79

McCaffrey, like Ross, is almost tailor made for Madden. McCaffrey’s ability to catch, run routes, return kicks/punts, and elude defenders will all contribute to a solid overall Madden rating. If you watched him in college, then you know McCaffrey is a playmaker. It will be interesting to see Carolina’s offense in Madden 18 with both McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart at the running back spot. We see them being used in dual HB sets very frequently in Madden 18.  

RB Leonard Fournette: Jacksonville Jaguars

Ratings Forecast: 80

If you like a power running attack, then you can’t wait to see what Fournette looks like in the new game. Fournette has power and speed–as he showed us at the combine. He is limited in his overall abilities as it relates to an ideal Madden running back, but Fournette will function well in a ground and pound attack. Fournette was taken a few spots ahead of McCaffrey in the draft, and that means he gets a slightly higher Madden rating–one would think.

WR Corey Davis: Tennessee Titans

Ratings Forecast: 79

Davis is mostly an unknown, but don’t count on that lasting as he looks like he could have some serious skills. Skills that are likely to translate nicely over to the Madden 18 gridiron. Based on the ratings of previous WR’s to get drafted close to the same spot as Davis, he should enter the season rated in the high 70’s, or maybe even at an 80 overall. Davis is expected to be QB Marcus Mariota’s top target from the get go. That should mean good things for his Madden 18 rating.

QB Deshaun Watson: Houston Texans

Ratings Forecast: 76

Watson’s overall rating needs to reflect his performance in the two straight National Championship games where he smoked Alabama’s vaunted defense. But since Watson was the third QB taken in the draft, then that might have an effect on his Madden rating. Deshaun Watson is definitely one of the more interesting rookies in Madden 18. We all want to see the dual threat capability Watson possesses. With a solid running back, a stud wide receiver, and a top defense, Watson will be put in a position to succeed. That should help his Madden 18 rating as the season goes on.

S Jamal Adams: New York Jets

Ratings Forecast: 78

Jamal Adams might not be the first rookie we all run to see, but his skills should make him a playmaker for the New York Jets defense. The only issue with Adams is the Jets offense almost makes them unusable in Madden. Regardless, Adams can tackle and come up with interceptions making him an interesting option when choosing which player to control on defense. Adams promises to showcase a decent balance of speed and coverage ability at the safety spot. If Madden 18 features an online 3v3 multiplayer, then be ready to see users going with Jamal Adams when you come across the Jets.  

WR Mike Williams: Los Angeles Chargers

Ratings Forecast: 78

Williams had 14 TD catches in his last year at Clemson. College aside, Williams promises to have all the necessary skills for a top notch Madden wide receiver. He has size, catch radius, and the ability to go up and snag the ball out of the air. Williams gives the Chargers and Philip Rivers a real threat at the receiver spot, and you’re likely to see Madden players using them in online as a possible sleeper. Williams was taken after Corey Davis in the draft, and that will mean he has a slightly lower rating in Madden 18.

TE OJ Howard: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ratings Forecast: 80

OJ Howard’s rating forecast is based mostly on his overall college and combine performances together. For Madden players, Howard has all the tools needed to be a great option at tight end for years to come. He can catch, block, and has speed. Howard will make the Bucs a more popular team to use in Madden 18 due to the popularity of using big pass catching TE’s in the passing game.

That just about does it for our Madden 18 rookie ratings forecast. Think we missed on any of our ratings for the top Madden 18 rookies? Who else would you like to see us forecast? Feel free to comment and discuss below.


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6 years ago

can’t wait to play mut and draft champs

Cincy jay
Cincy jay
6 years ago

can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for 18 took some of your concepts and tore up H2h all year… keep it up!

Madden School
6 years ago
Reply to  Cincy jay

Definitely appreciate that Cincy Jay! We’ll have lots of new and exciting concepts for Madden 18 as well.