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Madden 18 Likely To Feature Online Team Play

Online team play (OTP) is very likely to be included in Madden 18.  While EA Sports hasn’t officially announced it yet, a close look at the game details shows that Madden 18 will have online multiplayer capabilities of 2-6 players.

When asked on Twitter if Madden 18 would have team play, Madden creative director Rex Dickson simply posted a picture with 3 fingers in the air hinting that the popular 3v3 game mode will be making a long awaited comeback.

EA may release more information regarding online team play in Madden 18 in June at their EA Play event.

What are your thoughts on Madden 18 team play?  Is it a feature you will use?  Do you think it could find its way into officially sanctioned EA tournaments?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Why they do not have the automatic weather like NCAA had this will be the best Madden 18 they should have that

  2. I loved the 3 on 3 online play. They were cruel to take it away. There’s still users playing the last version religiously. It’s so much fun

  3. This game is one of the BEST team games and there is so much strategy to it. Playing 1v1 is one of the most boring things ever when playing Madden. I have no idea why they took OTP away in the first place.

  4. There needs to be a mode for friends to play 10 , 15 20 teams and do tournaments/seasons and play with current rosters and not have to get involved with drafts, etc?

  5. Are you able to switch players like 1 on1 or does multiplayer mode mean your locked to a certain player? They need online multiplayer where the users can switch players and have more freedom online. Maybe the option to lock player if you want

  6. They can’t get One on One right what makes anyone think multiple players will be better???? Smh.

    What will make this game better is to open up the license for competition. Otherwise people will be burned into accepting this lowered expectation of a game annually as has been done now unfortunately for 10 yrs. Smh