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madden 12 blitz

Dime Normal: Cover 1 Pressure

Hopefully you enjoyed the offensive tips provided by last week.  This week’s free madden 12 tips will be all about defense.  A lot of people have said on our forums that they are interested in defensive plays that get pressure on the qb that don’t require a lot of pre-snap adjustments. We listened to your comments, so today we will be showing you a very simple way to get pressure on the quarterback.

Playbook: Just about every playbook

Formation: Dime Normal

Play: Cover 1 (or cover 1 press)


  1. Pinch your D-line
  2. Crash the D-line right or left (your choice, depending on which side you want the pressure to come from)
  3. Hot route the mlb to blitz and place him over the center

Overview: You want to use this play in situations where your opponent is likely to pass the ball.  It is not designed for run plays.  An ideal situation for this play to be called is 3rd and 10.

Let break this play down a little further…

madden 12 blitz

You can see above that you are not giving away where the pressure will be coming from.  Your pass rushers are stacked in the middle of the field, so your opponent will usually assume that you are either playing a max coverage defense or you are trying to bring pressure from up the middle.

madden 12 blitz2

You can see in the screenshot above that #93 Dwight Freeney comes off the edge untouched and with a clear lane to the quarterback.

madden 12 blitz 3

From the offense’s point of view, you can see that everyone is covered and we have an extra safety roaming in the middle of the field to help out in coverage.

madden 12 blitz 4

We easily sack the quarterback for an 8 yard loss.

Thanks for reading today’s free madden tip. To instantly improve in madden 12 and to start dominating your opponents immediately, check out our ebooks.

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  1. Wouldn't this be considered nano blitzing, which in my opinion is cheap and shows that you're untalented.

  2. Love the tips keep them coming. My friend has been destroying me for years in Madden. I need all the edge I can get. Send more to my email.

  3. Does thes plays work again the compugter in All-Madden???

  4. andre cooked that wideout, need a better defensive team for it too work

  5. AGREE STOLDT any decent player has 6 on that first play 100 % try good pressing team packers ravens giants