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EA Sports Madden NFL Keeps Exclusive NFL License

There has been all sorts of chatter leading up to E3 about Joe Montana football with many speculating that it would draw gamers away from Madden 16.  However, in an interview today with Geoff Keighly, EA’s chief operating officer, Peter Moore, confirmed that Electronic Arts has a full exclusive license with both the NFL and the NFLPA.

That means that EA is the only company allowed to use any NFL teams, logos, or players on game consoles.  That means Madden NFL 16 will be the only game on the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, or any other console to have those things.  If they can’t use NFL players or teams, Joe Montana football has no shot of becoming a real threat to the Madden franchise.

The extension likely lasts at least a few more years so that means Madden will have no real competition for at least a few more years.

Make sure to check out our other information on Madden NFL 16 that was revealed today.

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Khamren dunlap
Khamren dunlap
8 years ago

Damn this sucks!Ive been counting the days to nfl sharing the license so that i could jump ship like i did from nba live to nba2k.Ea hand feeds us yearly minor updates yealy,the ratings of the players in the game dont even matter,all that counts is speed and awareness in sim.You had them even take out offline franchise so you could play with your family.Teams drop their best yong talent in free agents yearly ,glitch trades,no editing ,noteam relocate uniform design,no mini camp,etc.The garbage players in real life are as good as the awesome players,player generated for draft Are bogus and no distinct game changers,qb generated never come in like the rookie qbs outthe box yearly.No rpg feel,no emotion ,no complete realistic position interaction for all positions,etc etc.I hatede,s and linebackers cover wideouts down field ,80 players are as good as 99 players and actually stop them,the biggest strongest players come in with 79-85 strength,press coverage is an insult especially aganst speed good or bad,etc etc.2k or whoever need to fight all games need competition a monopoly is bad for consumer because we deserve better and someone will give us better and make ea step up as well