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All About Madden NFL 16’s New Penalty System

EA Sports has finally addressed the blatant lack of penalties in Madden NFL 16.  The following penalties will now be included in the game, Encroachment, False Start, Offensive Holding, Facemask, Defensive Pass Interference, Illegal Block in the Back, Neutral Zone Infraction, Defensive Holding, Illegal Forward Pass, Illegal Touching, Delay of Game, Kick Catch Interference, Running into the Kicker, Unnecessary Roughness and Roughing the Passer.

Make sure to also check out the Madden 16 gameplay trailer and full information if you haven’t already.

Here is what everything EA Sports talked about in regards to the new penalties.


Our hardcore simulation fans have been demanding realistic penalties for years. The team finally made this a point of emphasis in Madden NFL 16, and penalties will play a bigger factor than ever before.

In addition to several new penalties being added, we have updated all pre-existing penalties and built a system to control penalty frequency.

Every player is assigned a Penalty trait based on real-world NFL data, which determines how likely they are to commit a penalty; an undisciplined player has a far greater chance of committing a penalty than a disciplined player.


Players’ in-game strategy has an impact on penalties as well.  For example, pressing cornerbacks are more likely to commit a defensive holding penalty, while goalline and max protect calls make offensive holding penalties more likely. Mistiming the “Off the Line” mechanic can easily draw a neutral zone infraction or encroachment penalty.

Finally, all penalty sliders have been updated to allow players to fully customize the experience to their liking. The Default slider setting is based on NFL penalty averages over the last five seasons to make both penalty type and frequency as authentic as possible.

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    1. I haven’t heard anything about team play in Madden 16

  1. Are there any changes in the kicking game like kick-off punt and the return game?

    1. Not that have been announced yet.

  2. It will be interesting to see what dominant plays / formations appear soon after launch, and then how those change or evolve as the game gets updated throughout the season 🙂

  3. What about CPU intentional grounding? When the opposing QB throws it away from the pocket, they call the penalty literally 0% of the time.