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Beat Man Coverage in Madden 12

While labbing the Detriot Lions offensive playbook, I randomly stumbled across a play that absolutely demolishes man defenses.  The 2 defenders covering the fullback and the tight end switch who they are covering in the middle of the play, leaving our tight end wide open for a substancial huge gain.

Playbook: Detriot Lions

Formation: Weak Pro

Play: PA F Slide


  1. Hot route your running back to a streak and motion him to the right.


  1. Your first read is always your tight end running a corner route.
  2. Your square/x receiver will also usually be open for a quick pass.

Why this play works:

I want to go over step by step what happens to the defense so you can see how your tight end becomes wide open.


madden 12 offense

We ran this play against a 3-4 2 man under defense.  We are going to focus on the linebackers because they are the key to this play’s success.  The linebacker in the red circle is supposed to cover the fullback.  The linebacker in the purple circle drops back into a yellow zone.  The linebacker in the green is supposed to guard the tight end.  At this point it doesn’t look like we have any mismatch to exploit.

Once we snap the ball however, we see that the linebacker in green now switches to guard our fullback running out to the flat.  This leaves the linebacker in red having to run all the way across the field to try to cover our tight end.

At this point, you can see that our qb is about to release the ball.  Notice that our tight end heads to the corner further seperating himself further from the linebacker trying to cover him.

Our tight end catches the pass and you can see that the linebacker is still about 7 yards away.  This allows us to turn up field and pick up another 10-15 yards for a 30-35 yard gain.

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  1. I see this is done against a 3-4 defense, how well does it work against say a nickel or dime formation?

    1. It actually works better against nickel and dime. The reason is because in nickel and dime, the corner out on the left is matched up with the tight end. The corner lines up farther outside than a linebacker will, so the tight end has a bigger lead. However, the corner can catch up faster than the linebacker can, but he will still be nowhere close.

      1. See its stuff like this that makes 2k5 the blue print of football. Madden not about reading the defense like in 2k5 its about money plays ,cheats and glitches. People have been taking advantage of EA's man aligment problems for years they tried to fix it this year but messed up something else. What EA needs to do is start over from the bottom up this program is broken

  2. that is so true realfootballonly. the man alignment is horrible on this game and very frustrating.

  3. You Sim players are nuts. Let's say someone runs this on you in a game. Then they run it again. You can do a couple things. You can either manually watch the route yourself or you can switch to zone. I would simply stay in man and put my left defensive end into a purple zone. Then I can still watch deep. You can make simple adjustments to stop plays. Stop crying glitcher or cheater because you suck.

  4. I am a Madden beast never used a glitch or cheat of any kind. But these so called “money” plays aren’t glitches if someone runs em onn u put yourself in a position to stop it!

  5. i tried this out of strong and it didnt work does it only work out of weak pro?

    1. It has to be the exact play out of weak pro

  6. guys say how on 2k5 this and that but trust me its all computer games so because of that fact ppl would find nano heat regardless you cant exclude that product either.

  7. what is the best way on d to stop the weak pro pa f slide play…..if its play action can u get to the qb in time for the sack seems like u should b able to i get a ton of sacks off ppl who run play action